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Johnny Hallyday Records: Laura Smet and David Hallyday Alleged Royalty Freeze

Johnny Hallyday Records: Laura Smet and David Hallyday Alleged Royalty Freeze

Laetitia Hallyday David Hallyday and Laura Smet, wife, son of Jonnhy Hallyday, is fighting over Marine Heritageludovic at the singer's funeral in Paris on December 9, 2017.

Laura Smet and David Hallyday opened a new judiciary front in the battle behind Johnny Hallyday and claimed that his father had released some of his copyrights civilly from the sale of his albums.

Particularly endangered: the latest record of exceeding million copies sold.

& This is a homework assignment for record companies,; said Emmanuel Ravanas, who confirmed information from BFMTV.

The Paris court will consider this request on November 27th. According to the news channel, 75% of the revenue related to the sale of the records paid to Johnny Hallyday during his life consists of freezing and now meeting the need for Laeticia, who is now a widow.

The three labels are Universal, Sony and Warner, the 51st artist of the age of 74, who died at the end of October in the last age of the album "My country is love". year of cancer.

The commercialization of this album for a while was obscured by a case by Laura Smet and David Hallyday. The Nanterre court finally requested a right of scrutiny.

Given these performances, this could be Johnny Hallyday's biggest commercial success and set a record for his album "Blood for Blood" which he recorded and sold in 1999 with his son, David. Over 2 million copies. In his nearly 60-year career, the young idol of the youth passed more than 110 million records.

When the AFP was contacted, the three companies in question had not reacted immediately to this information.

– Deal? According to Laeticia "complex" –

The "JPS Trust" trust created by the singer in California and now benefited by Laeticia transferred her part of her transfer to a court in Los Angeles in July. American heritage, copyrights, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and luxury cars.

"All parties have been duly informed, nothing secret. (…) At the same time, if the French were witnessed one after the other, the property cannot be acquired". Laeticia Hallyday in France.

In April, Laura Smet and David Hallyday ensured that some of her father's assets were frozen in French justice: her artistic rights and French properties, in Marnes-la-Coquette (region of Paris) and in the island of Saint. -Barthelemy (West Indies).

His two California property in Santa Monica and Los Angeles did not worry about this buyer to protect Jade and Joy, his widow and his two little daughters.

In turn, the judge claimed that "all the properties of the deceased were a real risk transfer in favor of the JPS Foundation".

A hearing is scheduled for November 22 to discuss the authority of the Nanterre Court to decide the property of the resident in the United States.

When Laeticia Hallyday arrived in France for the marketing of her husband's latest album, he said he was 39 trying & to meet with Laura Smet and David Hallyday to solve the legal battle of Johnny Hallyday's will. But "complicated," he added.

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