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Iris Mittenaere with "Devotion" in the North


"Iris, this is an example for us. He began from scratch and conquered the world. Through him, we live a French dream, a Nord-Pas-de-Calais dream. Alix, a 27-year-old student from Lille, never wanted to be a yearning." She always met Iris Mittenaere, who had come to Lille to sign her book, Believe ut *, her first book, a semi-biography and a half-proposal.

On this rainy Wednesday afternoon, in the large bookstore of Lille Furet du Nord, hundreds had to wait, plunging their heads into the old Miss Universe's secret, while selling his hoodie and white shoes. A stage outfit in an office. Hair stylist William says, iyor They are waiting for you like the Messiah. Saç

Kevin, a chemistry lab technician, approached the "symbol of the North te, which he watches each year for five years, and was named Miss Flanders in May 2015 with his two friends. Iris is transmitting our values. He represents the simplicity, the warmth, says the inhabitants of Roubaix. We feel this in his book. "

From the "Skewer" to the Miss Universe

Along with a ten-month-old author to redraw the turmoil of his unusual career in New York City's Miss Universe nicknamed his "Shish". Another Kevin, who arrived by train from Mons, Belgium, recognized himself. A month ago, "Always Believe" in the right arm was beaten, and Iris Mittenaere plans to add the new winner. She also suffered from ”bullying in school ayrıca, also because she was” very skinny Ayrıca.

A 25-year-old writer goes from a signature to a selfie without signs of fatigue. However, she has chained the rehearsals of two dances learned in two days in the “Dance with the Stars gerçekleştir set this Thursday night since 7 am. Not satisfied, he wanted to come back late and perfect his cha-cha-cha.

VIDEO. Iris will win Mittenaere's secret in DALS

The magic potion? Coca and Red Bull's liters. "He's helping me like ten coffees. My back is hurting and he's having trouble sleeping, he's relying on Lille, I'm getting an interview and he wakes me up. Because of questions about his love life to the press people since his story with Kev Adams, af I don't answer that, af he admits.

"I feel harassment from morning to night"

Iris Mittenaere, on the other hand, defends Karine Ferri, which was destabilized by the naked photos of young people who had no deal in 2004, and reappeared last week in the "Touch to Shipping" section. Katılımcı I don't think that attacking him that way is a bad thing, “says the participant. Dance with the stars. It really impressed him. I also guessed the press would be against him or Pamela Anderson. It wasn't unsuccessful. But I'm armored. I've made very bad moves. "

It irritates the paparazzi. Önce Some days, I feel like being harassed from morning to evening, ğ before the beauty queen was breathing, before she smiled again. This great superstition shows us the lucky bracelet of that day's mother for 18 years. He represents a mini star representing the TF1 dance competition and a mini-receiver dream to release his book. "Next, there will be a facilitator microphone", the second year adds to the "Ninja Warrior" will offer together.


Damien took her name to her hair. / LP / Sarah Alcalay

In the bookstore Furet, we met 19-year-old Damien in Lille. We spent 200 euros on flight tickets from Toulouse to see the old France. For him, the hairdresser's name in the lawnmower, the footballer wanted to write on the road. "She shocked me, but I did it for Iris. She brings so much love to her fans."

Violaine and Louisa, 20, who followed their rights, praised "not a fool distinguished by a mess." Milie, 5, it's here. Her mother surprised her: "My daughter was upset when she was told she was 10 years old. Dance with the starsAnna says no job. So it's a little Christmas present today. "

Vote for Macron

The regulation is regulation: it is forbidden to speak politics when you miss. Then ask the former Miss Universe, who was voted in the last presidential election … "Is this the right to say that? Iris is insecure when Mittenaere returns to his agent." "I voted for Macron." At least in the second round, Marine Le says First, he protects the mystery not to be angry with his grandmother and the rest of the family of the ver communist n. Since then, François hopes to give Elysee an invitation as he does Hollande. Annes Iris Mittenaere, ; It's my most crazy memories to visit. mak The Netherlands thanked me for the impact of France. ar At age 25, she and Macron had similar points: ile I went to Le Touquet with my family to escape the paparazzi, like them. "

"Always believe"Iris Mittenaere, Harper Collins prints. 19.90 euros.

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