Sunday , November 29 2020

Héloïse talks to Nagui about her disability, a rare disease

Don’t forget the words It has been seen by a wide audience for years. For this reason, Nagui offers its candidates the opportunity to express themselves on matters that are often close to their heart. It’s the facilitator who sends powerful messages when they’re not interested. Nagui remains his equal, even if it means switching to a lecturer for most Internet users. Héloïse, candidate in the November 17 program Don’t forget lyricstakes the opportunity to talk about the discomfort presented by the host. It is a rare disease that is little known in the medical community and really prevents it.

Don’t forget the words offers a candidate to lift the curtain in a rare disease

Nagui, France Television’s flagship host. He portrays Don’t forget the words other programs that are also very popular with viewers. He often uses his audience to let his guests speak to make his candidates stand out. Hence, on 17 November, Héloïse was selected in the quarterfinals. Masters from Don’t forget the words He talks about a very personal subject. He chose to do this because his medical condition is rare and perhaps other people suffer from it without realizing it.

Nagui questions him, stating that he is willing to raise the issue. Héloïse then goes into the details of her illness. It is called lymphedema. The lymph fluid in your body is mainly concentrated in the legs. Therefore, it has the effect of inflating your legs. Its body is not homogeneous and the fat in its lower limbs is not easily displaced. Sometimes a surgical procedure is required in some cases. However, the disease is not recognized in France and therefore not known to most French doctors.

A daily handicap for Héloïse

Beyond the ugly appearance and the complexes that the disease can form in the candidate Don’t forget lyricsdaily physical and mental suffering. As a matter of fact, he suffers unbearable pain when wearing heels or held in the same position for too long. Also, climbing stairs is not an easy task. Candidate Don’t forget the words Explains the feeling of stuffiness in the legs by showing simple daily efforts. Finally, dressing up is never an easy task. By not making the same sizes for the upper body as the lower body, he has difficulty in finding suitable clothes. To make the barrier from shame visible and unpleasant to others, especially as he tries to hide his legs as much as possible.

This disease is so rare that even the candidate Don’t forget the words He did not know him while attending the show. He is a television audience who uses his freedom to offer to consult him to get this diagnosis. Unfortunately, there is no effective treatment to cure this disease. But despite the difficulties, Héloïse does not intend to leave her place in the semi-final and intends to do anything to defeat Margaux. See you tonight to support your favorite.

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