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Francis Lai, composer of the unforgettable ai Dabadabada maz, died

Francis Lai in March 2017. – GABRIEL BOUYS / AFP

MusicA man and a womancontact love story and Bicyclingit was him. At age 86, Claude Lelouch's composer Francis Lai is dead, leaving his tunes behind to make it simple and memorable.

The mayor of the city, Christian Estrosi, said in a statement on Wednesday that his death was announced in a statement, saying: ece I will soon offer his family a name for their name, a symbolic name. Bildir ölüm Isola is a house. ediy We spent a lot of time together. ediy On 15 August, we liked to meet again at Hameau de Mollières in the heart of Mercantour National Park, ird ​​continues Christian Estrosi.

"Dababada" after "chabada-bada", taken 200 times

Born and raised in Mothers' Garden in April 1932, Francis Lai began his career as a accordionist in the poet and singer Bernard Dimey, the songwriter he wrote for the gratos of the times: Edith Piaf, Juliette Greco, or Yves again. Montand. He writes his first song for Edith Piaf. The right to love.

But two years later, his encounter with Claude Lelouch in 1965 became a turning point in his career. Pierre Barouh, a mutual friend, wrote the word "dabadabada". The legendary theme of the film which was transformed into "chabada-bada" by Nicole Croisille in time was filmed more than 200 times.

Lelouch's composer

"Music is inexplicable. It's an easy theme to memorize, and what Lelouch's looking for is an easy theme to memorize in its first listening." AFP, in January 2017, after his friend Pierre Barouh 's death. "Ba da ba da ba da jazz is just a deception. We were all jazz musicians, and this is also an extension of this kind of onomatopoeia, these stanzas. It looks like our signature," he said.

Lelouch composer wrote all the music of his films. Live to live, A man who loves me, 13 days in France, Life, love, death, Bandit, Adventure is adventure, The route of a spoiled child… He has also recently worked on new recordings for the sequel to Claude Lelouch's cult. A man and a woman, currently shooting.

For his score love story In 1970 he will receive an Oscar. Where To Start Andy Williams and Shirley Bassey were immediately captured by Mireille MathieuA love story).

He composed more than 100 films and signed more than 600 songs

"I am so sorry and I think a lot about his wife and children. Violins and his" Chabadabada "will play the Mireille Mathieu, written by about forty songs, which will miss me, but will be echoed with an echo that will be eternally echoed as an international" Love Story ".

The composer will also sign the songs of Serge Reggiani, Dalida, Ella Fitzgerald, Nicoletta, Johnny Hallyday and celebrities. Bike (now Bike) Yves Montand. More than 100 will write all the music of the film and will sign more than 600 songs. With Michel Legrand and Vladimir Cosma, he was one of the last great composers of his generation.

"With just a few notes, Francis Lai had a chance to make great films, even more sad," Culture Minister Franck Riester said in Twitter.

"He won't write any more points. His melodies had a crazy appeal, and he was!" Gilles Jacob, former president of the Cannes Film Festival, regretted his side. Pierre Lescure, the current president of the festival, welcomed the "romantic talent, shyness, beautiful smile and very deep and true humanity of the melody."

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