Saturday , January 16 2021

Feces, vomit .. Principal St-Martin deleted after the fall of the Antheit school


Monday – Tuesday night The first class of the Martin Antheit School (Wanze) was searched.

Dominique Versin, the principal of the school, has damaged the photos of Facebook and has been driven by all of their anger.
"Bumpy, sad, angry, disappointed … I know that I am optimistic, but today I'm ruined, I'm angry with the gang of hooligans. The work of a dynamic training team, especially in the work and honor of elementary school children in our school, is a whole class that night Residues on walls, indelible markings, vomit in arson.
To perform such an abomination, disrespectful people have no respect and no courage. Cowards. To play with stool, you must be in a very small stage of evolution, animal. In the face of such actions, we will take steps to prevent any interference with our school. Tell these people we will fight to find them (if we can still call them human). Group of cowards. We don't give up. Madame Isabelle and an emotional thought for the first primary class. We replace everything so you can find your class as soon as possible. Dominique Versin is a director in shock. "

A call for solidarity for painting and school supplies was launched.

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