Wednesday , August 4 2021

Facebook panic: users refuse to watch ads

The social network is looking for solutions to reduce the impact of its anti-tracking function on its business.

With iOS 14.5, Apple introduced a feature that strengthens user privacy: anti-tracking. Second, it allows users to limit the amount of data collected about them by advertisers. When the option is enabled, the ads they are exposed to are no longer as targeted. This is good for consumers, but not for advertisers and companies whose business model relies on selling data collected from users.

This is the case of Facebook, which has been specifically mobilized to prevent this feature from coming into play. And at least we can say that the social network is right to be worried. According to the latest report from analytics firm Branch – viewer Bloomberg – 75% of iOS users got rid of Facebook by disabling ad tracking.

The majority’s choice was particularly badly suffered by Facebook, as Mark Zuckerberg’s company could no longer provide certain key information to its advertisers, including the success rate of its ads. Brands that run ad campaigns on Facebook no longer know how well they are doing and are pushing customers to buy. That’s why the social network finds itself without statistics to sell ad space to advertisers, and that’s clearly not a good thing for it.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company is said to be looking for solutions to counter this and go uphill. Facebook is already working on it”new advertising features that require less data to measure the success of an ad”.

Apple’s policy prevents companies from using their advertising budgets effectively and efficiently, and the limitations created are due to Apple’s self-interest restrictions.“A Facebook spokesperson said.We believe that personalized advertising and user privacy can coexist.

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