Wednesday , August 4 2021

Divorce in sight for Charlene and Albert of Monaco?

The longer Charlene stays in South Africa, the more likely this rumor is to swell. On July 1, II. Since her significant absence from her 10-year marriage to Albert, the Monegasque princess has sparked massive backlash, certainly not against herself. And speculation is rampant.

A movement in the pipes

Officially, the 43-year-old ex-swimmer is still stranded in his homeland.infection of the ENT sphere ” . But the insistent hallway noises assure him: there would be water in the gas between the blond and Grimaldi’s grandson. “It’s getting huge proportions, everyone is starting to believe it won’t fit”, near the prince’s palace in its columns a bow has already slipped Here .

now it is Colored, a German media that brought the stone to the faltering structure. we learn that”Charlene has been looking for a home near Johannesburg for a long time.”. And that’s not all. The princess must have planned to establish her professional activities here, especially as she heads a foundation where she raises awareness about poaching. One of the jobs of his older brother, Gareth, with whom he was very close, was to move there. “Charlene’s friend and self-made millionaire, 47-year-old Colleen Glaeser, helped secure the company’s deal., confidently underlines the magazine.

Charlene of Monaco, ignoring the rumors for the moment, hailed the late King of the Zulus, Goodwill Zwelithini, on her personal Instagram account while her country is in chaos filled with health and economic crisis.

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