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David Hallyday at Marnes-la-Coquette: This year's roommate with Laeticia Hallyday went wrong


Releasing Johnny's latest album, My country is loveLaeticia Hallyday established herself as the ruler of the artistic heritage of the rocket. It's a special right that the singer's oldest son, David Hallyday, has always challenged. We need to go back to 2001 to better understand the struggle against Hallyday property. The year he lived before David was invited to take the door with his father and his father-in-law …

Although two books appear – You didn't leave me time. Laurent Lavige and They loved each other Lena Lutaud – solves the complex relationship between Johnny and David Hallyday and returns a reluctant rocker's word about the management of his legacy, the pages of another book elucidated by his eldest son's reports. singer and mother-in-law Laeticia.

Johnny did not raise David, who lived in California, with a father figure instead of his mother Sylvie and second husband, Tony Scotti. But if he was to think more by the spirit of the family, the singer had a real love, expressed in certain decisions. After collaboration in the album Blood for bloodrocker made a good gesture in David. Book Laeticia, the true storyWritten by Laurence Pieau and François Vignolle and published on 11 October, David recalls that 35-year-old David divorced his two daughters, Ilona and Emma's mother, Estelle Lefebure. Hallyday, her son of the blues, recreated the marriage failure of her parents. Without hesitation, Johnny and Laeticia decided to host it.

Laurence Pieau and François Vignolle, Jean-Claude Camus' comments about David: "There was no round, Laeticia welcomed him." Two writers chained: Laeticia and her 10-year-old brother-in-law are doing very well together. " At first, in any case. Another story with Johnny. The question of temperament. Father lives on the night of his son's influence. Californian way of life, jog for dawn departs. But soon, friction on the monster child ends. He doesn't want to please Laeticia.

Laurence Pieau and François Vignolle support the following: "David stays in his father's house for the next, when his staggering life caused a mess. Without really being said, he was" invited "out the door, and David's friends accused Laeticia of" creating a case against him. " Both journalists provide this "His separation was loudly clashing"but cite a relative of his son to explain this merciless silence and the reports that would later instigate: "David was very Californian. He always smiles (…) Throughout all these years, he has never been accused," cry with Laeticia (…) Consecutive violence, which he knows today, consecutive with the total absence of real conflicts. have existed throughout the year. " The trial on November 30 in the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Nanterre referred to the validity of Johnny's will in France, as well as the symbolic retaliation of the other.

And the authors Laeticia, the true story to conclude: "The enemy – or at least the distance – began there."

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