Tuesday , May 17 2022

Dance with the stars 9: Syllable broadcast? Iris Mittenaere going to creneau


Following the elimination of Carla Ginola, Anouar Toubali, Vincent Moscato, Lio 's, Basil Boli, Jeanfi Janssens & Pamela Anderson & # 39; s; The 9th (TF1) adventure dance continues. Clement Remiens, Héloïse Martin, Terence Telle and Iris Mittenaere still running. Among them, the former Miss France also chose Miss Universe 2016 2016 would be great … On Friday, November 16, 2018, in France Bleu's microphone, a beautiful brunette for 25 years expressed herself.

I mean, if he's a big winner, DALS 9Iris Mittenaere has fun:I want to, I'm fine! You have to sign a place, I'il sign it!"A humorous answer from the host of the TF1 In fact, all candidates are in the same mark. In fact, Iris Mittenaere and his dancer, Anthony Colette, were already carrying bad signs for some benefits."

"We are working. If I signed the contract I won, I'll work a little less and I'll do a little less damage.He then restarts the beauty of the recent wounded during rehearsals. We give everything there because we want to show that we deserve our place. We want to go as far away as possible with Anthony."At this stage of the competition,"level too high"As Iris Mittenaere recalls and concludes:"We give ourselves all the details, no special effects."

Appointment by following the TF1 level on January 21st in January 21st Dance with the stars 9 Knowing Clement Remiens, Terence Telle, Iris Mittenaere, or Héloïse Martin & # 39; s.

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