Thursday , January 21 2021

Caregivers at the Mont-de-Marsan hospital, according to CGT

The CGT of the Mont de Marsan hospital is launching a symbolic campaign on Tuesday. Posters will be hung in the establishment. Of course, there are demands that have been exacerbated by the coronavirus crisis and that remain last: lack of staff, closure of beds, wages. But there is also anger over the management of the pandemic and its consequences for hospital caregivers.

More than 250 caregivers were contaminated, according to CGT

CGT of the Mont-de-Marsan hospital is counted in a press release “at least 250 Mons professional“Covid 19 is infected.”There are people in their departments who are most likely infected during their mission. There are those who come back with what we call sequela. Constant cough, shortness of breath with exertion. When I say effort it’s a simple walk“Nicolas Bordes, nurse and CGT representative for Mons hospital, explains in detail.

Occupational disease and waiting day

The problem with CGT is that until a few weeks ago, staff with Covid could claim that their occupational disease was recognized. This is no longer the case. “By September 15, any hospital staff infected with the virus could apply for recognition as an occupational disease and the virus was confirmed. And a decree says that it expired on September 15, and after September 15, you must have applied for oxygen therapy, a severe form of coronavirus, to be recognized as an occupational disease. major damage to the lungs. Or die“Blames Nicolas Bordes.

Results, according to the unionist, caregivers must pay medical costs “out of pocket“With the support of social security, according to CGT this should be the responsibility of the employer.”So today, someone who catches coronavirus while performing his duties is thought to be an ordinary disease. It’s like we broke our knee while skiing “.

Finally, in the same way, CGT is calling for the waiting day to be lifted for coronavirus patients. Because today, a caregiver with Covid 19 disease loses a day’s salary on sick leave.

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