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Bhubaneswar The three Belgian actors in the French team for the World Cup (video)


Incredible facts: The Belgian Belgian, who has French citizenship, previously wore a black-and-yellow jacket for a team and wore one-twelfth of the 18 players in the Belgian club Blues.

Charles Branson, Max Branicki and Nicolas Dumont have always played in Belgium (the first two in Orée and Dumont in Waterloo Ducks) to join the Belgian team at the start of his senior career, & # 39; Tricolor & # 39; s. they decided to be French by one of their parents. All three made a logical 2-0 victory for Red Lions' preparations for the next World Cup in a test match between Belgium and France on Wednesday night on Thursday.

"Naturally arrived" a choice

At one point, the Belgian team felt blocked at the top level, the choice was made naturally. And then the French team came up with a nice project, and we've moved a little bit away from the Belgian project, putting the tools necessary to get something on a world-class hockey scene.

Nicolas Dumont, who made note of his 12 cloaks with the Red Lions before he emigrated from Quiévrain. "
Such gatherings against our old colors are always special in our lands in front of our family.

", Charles Masson wears the European champion crown on several occasions with Belgian age teams."
Our root is here, but this does not prevent us from being too happy with our choice
. "

Like the three Belgo-French teammates, Jeroen Delmee's teams are also in the Belgian league. In this way, goalkeeper Arthur Thieffry and Victor Lockwood, along with Masson and Branicki in Orée, Victor Charlet and Pieter van Straaten, play together with Ordee in Orée. While wearing Jean-Baptiste Forgues, Gaspard Baumgarten and Aristide Coisne Leopold colors, Hugo Genestet (Daring), Niels van Straaten (Antwerp) and Etienne Tynevez (Gantoise) completed the French contingent in the Audi Hockey League.

28 years later, France, World 20, Argentina (FIH-2), New Zealand (FIH-9) and Group A (FIH-9) and Group A returned to the World Cup. Spain (FIH-8). He will start the tournament against New Zealand on 29 November.

French Selection:

Guards: Thieffry (Orée / Bel) and Saunier (Schaarweijde / P-B)

Gamers: T.Genestet (St Germain), Lockwood (Orée / Bel), Peters-Deutz (Racing de France), Forgues (Leopold / Bel), Charlet (Waterloo Ducks / Bel), H.Genestet (Daring / Bel), Masson (Orée / Bel), Dumont (Waterloo Ducks / Bel), Goyet (St Germain), Coisne (Leopold), P. Van Straaten (Waterloo Ducks / Bel), Rogeau (St. Germain), Baumgarten (Leopold / Bel) , Tynevez (La Gantoise / Bel), Branicki (Orée / Bel) and Clement (Montrouge).

Reserves: N.Van Straaten (Antwerp / Bel) and Mercurio (St Germain)

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