Wednesday , June 16 2021

Because Americans are faced with ketchup shortages, they sell their bags online for a high price.

For several weeks, the United States has been grappling with ketchup shortages. With the pandemic and the closure of restaurants, many businesses turned to online ordering and others. take away. The result: small bags of ketchup replaced the traditional tubes placed on tables. So much so that a few big sauce brands like the giant Heinz are now close to famine. The price of small sachets has increased by 13% since January 2020.

For this reason, many Americans missed the opportunity and searched for their old drawers to confiscate these little bags and sell them online. A true parallel market has emerged on eBay in recent days.

American Lindsey Cohen, who managed to sell her small batch of 20 bags, told The Wall Street Journal for $ 8 in just 12 hours, “I’ve never sold food products online, but I wanted to jump on the bandwagon with ketchup.”

Watch out for scams

While sauce pots are often sold at affordable prices, some are trying to take advantage of the situation to puff their pockets. This is why several Internet users are bidding for more than $ 50 or even $ 100.

The Heinz brand keeps it running “24 hours a day” to quickly readjust its offering to growing demand.

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