Friday , November 27 2020

Amazon shows customers' names and emails leaked

"We solved the problem and informed the affected customersThe incident, a spokesman, refused to specify the degree of failure, he said.

Amazon systems or web site is not violated, and the passwords remain secure, the company is secured.

As a precaution, the name and e-mail addresses have been sent to relevant customers who can be published by the Amazon website.

Amazon customers in the United States and Europe said they received messages from the company based on the site that specializes in TechCrunch technologies.

The disclosure of this personal information took place when retailers approached every Thanksgiving on Black Friday and traditionally hit the discounts when it started the year-end shopping in the United States.

Amazon, according to eMarketer analysts, is the leader in online trading in America with 25% market share this year. This year, $ 252 billion is expected.

The firm estimates that online sales in the United States will rise to 16.6% in the holiday season, up to 123.73 billion.

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