Tuesday , December 1 2020

A "radiological event" exercise puts the inhabitants of Fleurus in panic


Although planned by local authorities and announced by the local community, an exercise that simulated a ıştır radiological event bir caused some concerns among the residents of Fleurus on Tuesday morning, informing the National Crisis Center that coordinated the exercise.

While there was no need to worry, calls to the speaker reached emergency numbers 112 and 101. The Center affiliated with the Internal FPS requires people not to panic. This is a nuclear exercise that starts at 5.00 am before dawn and continues throughout the day. Benoit Ramacker, spokesperson for the Crisis Center, believes that it is not the subject of communication transmitted to the press. At the communal level, local residents were well informed, he says.

This exercise, I.R.E. It simulates a Fle radiological phenomenon ü at the National Institute of Radio Studies in Fleurus, Hainaut. "We are testing the new nuclear emergency plan," Benoit Ramacker said. "The inhabitants could hear the internal sirens of the site, and they could also see the rescue vehicles going to the ground."

No action is expected from the population. The exercise was organized by the DG Crisis Center in cooperation with the Federal Nuclear Control Agency (FANC), ennes Federal Services for the municipalities of Hainaut and Namur Governors, Fleurus and Farciennes, related assistance services. In addition to the site's operator, "authorities announced in mid-November.

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