Thursday , January 21 2021

A “harsh” winter with anticipation: municipalities and regions ready to intervene

This morning and night temperatures in places did not exceed 0 degrees. Municipalities and regions ensure their readiness to respond in the event of a winter attack. Duplex with Michaël Menten.

With adverse temperatures and frosts coming on Monday, we feel ready to settle on country roads for the winter. At the beginning of this delicate period for all road users, SPW Mobility & Infrastructures is showing its readiness to manage what it sees as “hard” winter.

Authorities reassure the real risks of an ice storm

So far the risk has been very limited, because our journalist Michaël Menten has become extremely dry in recent days. And therefore, despite negative temperatures, without moisture, no ice. However, rain is expected for the next few hours. So the situation will probably change. Be careful though. Regardless, Belgium is ready for winter operation. For example, in Wallonia, we have 150,000 tons of salt waiting to be thrown into roads and highways. There are six hundred and sixty spreaders in the Walloon area. They are ready. Some of them have been out for a few days already. Trips that have been quite preventative so far. But beware, the situation may change with the showers that occur.

Curfew negatively impacts preventive treatment of roads

In this respect, the curfew due to the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic is not good news: “The reduction in road traffic during the curfew may reduce the effectiveness of preventive treatment”draws attention to SPW because what makes it effective is the transition of cars on the mix. The best thing drivers have to do is drive carefully, they come to the conclusion: adapted speed and driving, distances between cars, etc.

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