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A Down syndrome player joined "Plus belle la vie"


The newcomer will arrive in Mistral on August 21st.

Homosexuality, recently, carrier (GPA), Better life is a soap opera known to emphasize the truths of the news society. So for months, the production team thinks about how to approach the theme of trisomy in the upcoming episodes. Dır For eighteen months, we've thought about introducing a rather complex trisomic character, because it assumes that the actor has a very well supervised companion. ”Announces producer of Sébastien Charbit Better lifeconfreres obs. “But, that's all, we found the story and we're looking for the right actors from theater companies working with Down's syndrome."

This research has finally paid off. Samuel Allain Abitbol, ​​the first character in history, was chosen to embody Down's syndrome. Better life. Actor, already seen Special mention In addition to Bruno Salomone and Hélène de Fougerolles, they will enter the opera house in France 3 (La Deux in Belgium) on 21 August.

According to preliminary information, Remy should go in Better life Like Mistral's new bartender. His arrival should not appeal to Barbara, a young cook at the show's flagship restaurant.

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