Tuesday , August 9 2022

A child's birth may increase the risk of baby blue


Recent research in the United Kingdom has shown that mothers giving birth to boys have an increased risk of developing postpartum depression compared to women who give birth to daughters.

This research, conducted by researchers at the University of Kent, looked at 296 women who gave birth to see if there was a connection between them. type their baby and formation baby blues.

There has been a link between inflammation and the development of depressive symptoms, and the development of male fetuses and the occurrence of complications at birth have led to two reasons related to increased inflammation. there may also be a connection with the emergence of baby blues.

Their results showed that women who gave birth to their daughters had an increased risk of developing depression by 71-79% compared to the women who gave birth to their daughters.

In addition, the results of women suffering complications during childbirth was recorded increased risk More than 174% of infant blues compared to women who had uncomplicated births.

However, despite the increased risk to infant blues for women who are sensitive to anxiety and stress, the study showed that the risk of developing this disease is less after a difficult birth.

Researchers have explained this because of their history, their mental disorders should be better known and taken into account by the family and medical profession. This is a Best postpartum follow perhaps an effective way warn baby blue.

"Postpartum Depression avoidable and women at risk can help reduce the risk of developing this disease."Giving birth boy and complications This increases the risks for women at birth:for determine women in most need follow during the first weeks and months of birth"said co-author Sarah Johns.

The results of the study were published in the journal Social Sciences and Medicine.

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