Friday , January 22 2021

650 km range for the new generation hydrogen Toyota Mirai

At first glance, we noticed that Toyota had redesigned the Mirai’s silhouette to give a nice and aggressive line, moving away from the Prius style and approaching the Lexus design.

Technically speaking, Toyota has increased the powered fuel cell from 114 to 128 kW, while downsizing the fuel cells with the advantage of increasing their size from 4.6 kg. 5.6 kg. The result of this new configuration allows the Mirai to offer a range of 400 miles, or about 645 km.

Toyota also revised its price to support its development. If the first version was offered at $ 60,000, the new Mirai will be available for $ 10,000 or $ 50,000 cheaper at a discount of about 20% of the starting price.

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