Tuesday , September 28 2021

5 core product replicas from major brands tested and found to be better than the originals

Who said taking good care of your skin means emptying your pockets? In Lidl you can: enjoy quality while saving money. For the German brand, it is the ultimate goal of even their small promotions. And now, it seems that some cosmetics are far beyond some of the big brands. Testers highlighted the qualities of these products whose popularity may be better for you. Objeko takes stock for you!

The best deodorants and perfumes

Do not forget to spray perfume and protect yourself from unwanted perspiration odors, as it promises that summer will be very hot this year. At Lidl, it is now possible to have a wide range of deodorants and perfumes, where you can find your happiness. As we said before, the German brand is a master at finding cheaper products as well as higher quality than big brands. Still, their effectiveness may be the same as those you know from major perfume manufacturers.

This is especially true for perfumes. “Madame Glamor”, “Cute” or “Chalou” The success of the brand in its stores has been achieved gradually. These bottles are known for their delicate or striking scent, depending on the perfume. But what is certain is that they compete perfectly with the versions of the big houses. They also looked like Chanel’s “J’adore de Dior” or “Coco Mademoiselle”. A true blend of fragrances that will delight you only if you are a fan of these wonderful perfumes.

Likewise, Lidl deodorants are also very popular! The next time you visit store shelves, consider choosing the bottles they offer. They are less expensive, yet appreciated for what they do. eco-friendly and skin-friendly side. According to UFC Que Choisir, this roll-on from the German brand is something that will make people happy since it was among the best antiperspirant deodorants of this year.

Creams for all uses

It’s not just in terms of deodorants and fragrances that Lidl replicas are popular with consumers. Indeed, the latter is also heading for the distribution giant. all kinds of beauty products. This is especially true if you’re looking for a skin care cream for your next routine. Between those aimed at protecting your skin and those that will come to improve it, the choice is wide as it is inexpensive.

Looking for a good anti-wrinkle cream? I know Cien’s «Q10» He was ranked 2nd for the year. This low priced cream is almost equal to that of Nocibé known as “Age Focus”. A product appreciated by consumers for its 3 benefits. Note that the latter suggests reducing crow’s feet. Note that if its effectiveness has already been proven, its cost is less than 3 euros.

To protect you from the sun, Lidl has something for you too! This time, product “Sun Spray” The cosmetic brand of the German brand won the first place. He also dethroned La Roche Posay, despite the popularity of his brand. Proof that the distribution giant’s products are equal in quality and efficiency for all budgets.

Lidl: This cosmetic product will surprise you!

With the idea of ​​always taking good care of your skin, Lidl has a product whose success is unmatched. This situation its “Hyaluronic acid” effects have been particularly appreciated by consumers. This product has made a name for itself thanks to its completely Vegan composition. Its effect is also greater than other products of the same type from big brands.

And in this way, wrinkles and other age marks on your face are less! This product can beat even La Roche Posay’s once again. The same goes for Nivea, whose popularity is already well established for those who love to take care of their skin. And all this, as always at a low price.

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