Tuesday , May 17 2022

23:15 – Belgium Customs thinks that there is artificial intelligence to fight drugs in Antwerp


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Between the years of 2013-2016 in the port of Antwerp faced with the amount of ten or almost cocaine caught every year, the customs are looking to use new technologies to scan and analyze containers. This topic is signed by the Consortium Konstantin – University of Antwerp, FPS Finance on Wednesday. "The Imec-University of the agreement will develop at the first stage with the help of the European Commission. A technological feasibility study scenario: The main purpose of this study is to check if it is technically possible to scan all containers entering and leaving Antwerp port with little or no delay. In addition, the analysis of large amounts of scanned images will be performed by Artificial Intelligence ", explains FPS Finance. The results of the feasibility survey are expected by mid-April 2019. (Document A)

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