Sunday , November 29 2020

23-year-old student Coline took refuge in alcohol over prison sentence: “There’s more to release than that”

23-year-old student Coline Gilsoul made an impressive testimony on the set of C’est pas tous les jours dimanche. To face her first prison sentence, the young woman fell into alcohol. “It was the only way to get comfortable,” he said.

The coronavirus crisis is difficult for many Belgians, especially young people. Coline, a third-year social worker student at Haute École de la Province de Liège, testified about her situation on the C’est pas tous les jours dimanche plateau. The 23-year-old finds it very difficult to overcome loneliness and non-contact, but also the heavy workload for his studies. During his first imprisonment, he sought refuge in alcohol. “It came slowly. Have fun, change your mind and then become more frequent. Still in substantial quantities, it soon went every day.

The power to take control

Fortunately, they clicked with her best friend and “the power to regain control“… But the second wave has arrived.”We are faced with the same situation with the second imprisonment. We are mentally overwhelmed, we are mentally overloaded, all the responsibilities we undertake, distance education, distance working system, student affairs …“Coline works in a supermarket, so she’s lucky to have a student job. But that adds a burden to her.”All this means we gave up today.“He holds:”There’s more to be released than alcohol, more sports, more activity, more social contact… tears, he’s our best friend.

Suicidal thoughts

The young woman also sometimes had the urge to end her life. “It starts slowly and comes suddenly. We say to ourselves: why not? But we are thinking about all the consequences of this on those around us and our lives. This is not the best solution at all.

In this case, feel free to contact the suicide prevention center on the toll free number 0800 / 31.123. Coline’s family calls him every morning via videoconference to support him. An important support for the young woman.

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