Tuesday , August 9 2022

14:28 – The daily press wants to be a solution to fake news


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BRUSSELS (Belgium)

As billions of information change every day, how do you sort? Daily press wants to be the solution. On Monday, on Monday, he launched a large-scale campaign of in important "role in the treatment and dissemination of news. This information underlines the daily press, which is valuable and thus fragile. To illustrate, he chose an unbreakable egg for his campaign, a symbol of fragility. Awareness campaign comes in video points, radio and posters. A red thread: the solution is nothing but the press, "controlled source information". In videos, people confront each other and open eggs that represent the exchange of information. Or Counterfeit news spreads six times faster than actual information, “he says. Eggs hit the ground in a general chaos. The poster shows a broken egg in its words: "Fake news, explode on your face". Finally, on the radio, the information slowly deteriorates in a humorous manner. The figure of American president Donald Trump was preserved because it represented the problematic of false news. Thus, "Trump is angry, he will press the button", "Trump fell, made a mace" or "Trump freaked out, will end in jail" basic information. Participants in this campaign, which will last for a month, are Sudpresse, L & # 39; Avenir, L Echo, La Libre Belgique, Le Soir and La Dernière Heure. (Document A)

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