Monday , May 16 2022

Whatsapp messages can be deleted if users don't back up the chat dgtl


All WhatsApp conversations can be deleted. Learn to recover.


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WhatsApp cannot be saved as you want. At the beginning of the days of love, with the most precious speech of a friend or a friend, the secret will not be in the four square things at hand, now and forever. Because WhatsApp made the final decision.

A media report from all over India revealed that all chats from November 12th can be deleted if it is not backed up to Google Drive. In August, WhatsApp is known to sign an agreement with Google.

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According to this agreement, if the message is not backed up in Google Drive, all messages are deleted.

If you don't back up your WhatsApp message since November 12, all messages will be deleted from Google Drive a year later. So, those who have not backed up many times can delete their messages.

Learn how to keep WhatsApp chat safe,

• Go to WhatsApp settings. Go there and select the chat option.

• Then switch to a new page. Click & # 39; Backup Chat & # 39; here. Here you can see when backing up the chat.

• If the last backup day is too long, select Backup manually.

• Choose how many times you want to back up (Deli, Weekly, Manhattan).

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