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United Front can join the Awami Alliance: Mahi

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2:31 PM, 13 November, 018

United Front can join the Awami Alliance: Mahi

The former president said he could join the alliance's ruling Awami League-led alliance. AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury led by United Front

On Tuesday, Awami League president Mahbubur Rahman told reporters Tuesday after a meeting with the general secretary of the party, Obaidul Quader, at the political office of Dhanmondi. B Chowdhury.

Additional Secretary-General (Retd) Abdul Mannan was also present.

Earlier in the 1st Mannan and Mahi B. Chowdhury Awami League went on and made a meeting. At that time they joined the Awami Alliance and discussed the elections.

According to sources, Awami League & # 39; s candidacy board meeting, after the meeting of the general secretary Obaidul Quader meeting, the decision of the Awami League and 14 party boat symbol will be selected. The Jatiya Party will choose their symbols even if they are allies.

The United Front may also elect the alliance under the Awami League. They said they would choose their own symbols.

Earlier, the leaders of the United Front said B. Chowdhury. In the process of unity, Kamal initiated a series of political programs. But at the last minute he got out of the alliance. After that, the government increased communication.

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Mahi-Mannan in the Awami League office

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