Thursday , December 3 2020

Two Yaba merchants killed in Teknok …- 706116 | Kaler Kantho

Cox 's Bazar Teknop opened fire, focusing on foul shipping between two Yaba business groups. Police say two drug dealers were killed. The police then rescued Yaba's bullet's body and two other people. This took place on Wednesday at the Zero Point of Teknaf Sea Road Road.

The name of the deceased, Nazi Ahmed, was identified as Nazir Dakat, the 38-year-old son of Abdur Rahim from the Kabubnia region in the Sabur unit, and Abdul Amin of Ameer Hamzar, the Leda Nayapara union of the Hellenic Union. There are various cases against human trafficking and drug-related police.

Technaf Model Police Station Officer Pradip Kumar Das said that the incident came after a police team came to the area after receiving information that Cox had been carried out on the Bazar-Teknaf Sea Road road between Yaba Khalas and two Yaba business groups. Then they collected the bodies of the two victims. The locals described the bodies as both Ahmad and Abdul Amin. Four LG weapons, nine bullets and 10 thousand 150 pitches were found.

The OC has also said that they were killed in two group strikes that gathered around Yaba. Both are upper Yaba merchants. For the autopsy, Cox's Bazar Sadar Health Complex is preparing to send the body. In this case the process continues.

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