Thursday , March 4 2021

Two judges in Bangladesh … – 708172 | Kaler Kantho

The 17th Dhaka International Film Festival will begin on January 10th. In the meantime, the festival organizers completed all preparations for the Festival Film Parliament. Today (November 26) 12 jury names and short communications were published on the website of the Dhaka International Film Festival.

As a jury at the festival, there are two leading filmmakers in the country along with foreign filmmakers. These are: popular actor Ilyas Kanchan and producer Rubayat Hossain.

Ilias Kanchan will be the Jury of the Asian Competition Department and Rubaiyat Hossain will take part in the Jury Committee of Women's Films.

In this festival, more than 200 films from 60 competitions will be shown in 8 competitions. Competitiveness departments; Retrospective Section, Bangladesh Panorama, World Film, Children's Film, Spiritual Films, Independent Film and Women's Films.

Festive films will be shown in 5 different ways. The 9-day festival will take place from 10 to 18 January.

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