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Tookai tried to emphasize things around him.

Rafiqun Nabi Ranavi, the leading painter in Bangladesh, is also known as the cartoonist. The immortal creation began in 'Tokai', 1978. Interview with Rafiqun over 40 Years in Nabi Tokyo Mahfouz Rahman

Photo: Khaled GovernmentMahfouz Rahman: & # 39; & # 39 Tokai; 40 years of publication. In the beginning, Tokyo was 8-9 years old. Is this still the age of Tokai?

Rafiqun Nabi: The cartoonist thinks his age will increase by raising his age. But making cartoons is fun, the same character can be of the same age for years. As a result, I don't want to increase the age of Tokyo.

Mahfouz: You have been inspired by Charlie Brown, American cartoonist Charles M. Schulz. The character didn't even grow.

Rafiqun Nabi: Yes, characters like Charlie Brown or Dennis the Menace have long been popular. A cartoon character is made for a certain age reader. The reader of that age is always. For this reason, line characters do not increase their age, but they are always popular with readers. Tokyi not only children and adolescents, but also always tried to reach common people. From political politics, Tokai has repeatedly talked about social issues or issues.

Mahfouz: Within a year, Tokai, & # 39; All problems are the same … & # 39; said. These 40 years are similar to social problems …

Rafiqun Nabi: Yes, the scope of the problem has only increased. Tokai spoke at a time when there was too much trouble and paper leakage in the country. Then I went to the remote areas of the office to see the SSC exam in a high school. Placing Mike on the tree around the school. Keep the microscope facing school. It is said that Mike wrote his answer to question 2. The answer would be … & # 39; I asked local people, what's going on here? They said it was set every time for the test. But now you don't need a microphone. Now the question papers are spreading through the use of social media.[Imgclass="jwMediaContentimagealigncenter"title="TokiofdifferentperiodsdrawnbyRanbir"alt="TokiofvariousperiodsdrawnbyRanbir” itemprop = “image” data-jadewitsmedia = “{' status ':' success ',' id ':' 1396435 ',' ext ':' jpg ',' thumb ':' // 2018/11/23 / debc6a65c15cabe2e33071936a80784c-5bf7b274d1f47.jpg ',' yol ':' media / 2018/11/23 / debc6a65c15cabe2e33071936a80784c-5bf7b274d1f47.jpg ',' name ':' Untitled-14 ',' pushClass ':' jwMediaContent ' 'type': 'image', 'width': 800, 'height': 828, 'title': 'Ranbir ki taka ki taki ki taikai', 'alt': 'Ranibir birkaç kez boyalı', 'link' : '', 'target': '', 'caption': '', 'align': ''} “width =” 800 “src =” images / 800x0x1 / karşıya yükleme / medya / 2018/11/23 / debc6a65c15cabe2e33071936a80784c-5bf7b274d1f47.jpg “/>

Mahfouz: How was the beginning of Tokyo?

Rafiqun Nabi: This was the end of 1976. I finished working in Greece and came home. I didn't draw cartoons right after I got here. I used to make cartoons in some magazines in the sixties. But again there was no plan to start a cartoon. I was just trying to work with painting – it's my real place. End of 1977, Weekly Bichitr to The magazine was later awakened Editor of the newspaper, my childhood friend Shahadat Chowdhury. So he Bichitr to SEOn the occasion of the anniversary, I started to insist on a cartoon. Under the pressure of his demand, I got the first strip of Tokyo. The character is 8-9 years old. A child with a clean face, petfola – seems to be suffering from bad nutrition. Near the garbage or on the trail. After making the first caricature, the pressure of ordinary cartoons became so popular.

Mahfouz:You've met two real characters like Tikeye. 1968-69 and 1976-77.

Rafiqun Nabi: Yes, I saw a little boy from the porch of our house in Old Dhaka, Narinda. 6-7 years. Petmota, head nose. He fell down. After lung control, it cannot be properly connected to the lung. Sometimes he sings in the heart of the mind. I'd call her. It was very important. When he remembered Tokay, he remembered it. I've made many sketches before drawing the character. Finally, the head of the head is very simple, he wears a lung, a child. <Img class = "jwMediaContent image aligncenter" title = "Rafiqun Nabi Tokai, Crowe Quill Pen and Chinese Ink “İtemprop =” image “data-jadewitsmedia =” {'status': 'success', 'id': '1396434', 'ext': 'jpg', 'thumb': '// paloimages.prothom-alo. com / contents / cache / images / 110x110x1 / uploads / media / 2018/11/23 / 6ddb1b98eef79967330bd71b932815c7-5bf7b274e51fd.jpg ',' yol ':' media / 2018/11/23 / 6ddb1b98eef79967330bd71b932815c7-5bf7b274e51fd.jpg ',' name ' : 'Rafiqun Nabi Tokai, Crowe Quinn Pen ve Çin Mürekkep Diyaloğu yaptı '' image: 'width': 800, 'height': 1047, 'link': '', 'target': '' '', '' , 'title': 'Crowe Quill Pen ve Çin Mürekkebi' tarafından yapılan Rafiqun Nabi Tokai ',' alt ':' Crowe Quill Pen ve Çin Mürekkebi '' Rafiqun Nabi Tokai ',' align ':' '} “width =” 800 ” src = “” />

Mahfouz: & # 39; & # 39 Tokai; How was the name corrected?

Rafiqun Nabi: Shahadat said, give him a name, because of the consecutive series. Token, Tocamia, Togra, Tuku comes to mind as many names. Write about 20 names in the book. But after I wrote all the names, I couldn't keep my eyes out of the names of the & # 39; -class. Last name right – & # 39; tokyina & # 39; But that name didn't match my wish. Then click & # 39; Tokin & # 39; den & # 39; na & # 39; abad & # 39; I gave. Well, you look good. I like to hear it. I said my wife's name. He liked it. Since then, Tokai.

Mahfouz: & # 39; & # 39 Tokai; The word was then added to the dictionary …

Rafiqun Nabi: At that time the country's President Hussain Muhammad Ershad. On one occasion he said: yap I ask Rani to do the same caricature as Tokai. They are actually "pedestrians". Talking to Tokai is insulting them. "I cant believe. The interesting thing is that Tokai doesn't say – he says that a senior person is concerned in a country. But I'm Tokai & # 39; I did not use the word negative. Tokai means paper collection. But ordinary people have called the street children to shake hands. The word has been popular because it is really good. I got a very good response right after the first book was printed.

Mahfouz: If you have a haircut in Tokyo's head or if you have to face the reader's question …

Rafiqun Nabi: At that time, Tokai was more famous than I did, not only the hair, but also the reader's questions about any changes in Tokai. Once, lungi was wearing pants with a ponytail instead of a reader, 'No, it' s not true, the lungateai is good & # 39; said. I accepted the reader's suggestions.

Mahfouz: There are many special moments with readers in the Tokyo context.
Rafiqun Nabi: One day a gentleman asked me: bir You write the books of Tokai cartoons. And who can draw a day with him, rhymes, Ranbir? "Of course," Of course, "Of course," the gentleman could understand everything after a while. There is still this problem. People cannot easily match these two names.

Mahfouz: Artists and cartoonists – how did you get these two identities?
Rafiqun Nabi: Two identities complement each other Art is necessary when drawing cartoons. Similarly, cartoons in the sector have many food items. And Tokai, but in the end, people paid more attention than cartoon. So whatever the cartoonist or artist says, at the end of the day, what I want to say is more important. I tried to emphasize the socioeconomic issues around us. Always try not to laugh with Tokai, it is possible to create awareness among small things in humans.

Mahfouz: Tokai & # 39; large talk on small faces & # 39; he said, his role in popularity was enormous …
Rafiqun Nabi: Yes, with the words of common people, Tokai spoke with animals such as cough, goats, cows or mosquitoes. Once upon a time there was a strip of Eid-ul-Azha worship. Tokio, a cow full of bones says, # I've survived! D Tokai commented, bir It does very well. Like an Amazon. "We've seen this week's Tokai & # 39; s good or bad.

Mahfouz: How did you get to Tokyo? Any way?

Rafiqun Nabi: To think about everyday things in everyday life. From science and philosophy, I would tell you about everyday things in life by providing easy access to Tokyo. I used the Crow queen pen and Chinese ink for drawing. If you cannot send Tokai from time to time Bichitr to I was sitting in the office. Much time was spent from inventory to retail sale. Most of the time it should be taken directly to the cellophin paper. In this way the company would have to write the spelling upside down! When Ershad fell, I was at Motijheel. There I squeezed people in the crowd. This diversity was the cover of the special bulletin.

Mahfouz: In 1996 Bichitr to After the closing since 2000 weekly 000 In the magazine, Tokai began to draw. But once for what?

Rafiqun Prophet: I didn't know that Tokai was long pressed! I would send it regularly, I wouldn't say that a copy of the magazine didn't come home. Suddenly I looked for a day's vision. They said that Tokai had not been pressed for a long time. Since then, it has not yet been drawn. People should remain on suspicion that Tokai has stopped. But the problems haven't changed because they haven't changed, so who knows if new ideas will be eaten? Occasionally, someone demanded one and a half. Talking about Tokai in Kolkata, I went to talk with a show of Tokyo a few years ago. But that wouldn't have done more with Tokai, but it wasn't.

Tokaiya Chukataki

l Tokyoi first published on 17 May 1978 Bichitr toII.

I gave the name of Tokai Rafiqun Prophet. At first, click the & # 39; Tokina & # 39; & # 39; no & # 39; After leaving & # 39; Tokai & # 39; he thought. The word is then added to the dictionary.

l Tokai's age is eight to nine years. Age still remains in place.

The whole world is his home. Sometimes a dusty, wheelchair or park bench with a large open-mouth dust, there is a ponic killer concrete pipe.

Tokai is not just a man, he has spoken with crows, dogs, cows, goats, mosquitoes and cacti.

l Winter-summer-rainy season 12 months is a liverwash in Tokyo. Ranbir wore pants once, the reader liked Lungateai. Also Tokai was wearing a shirt once during the election season. The shirt is so large, I'm Vote & # 39; said. The three-dimensional decision looks like a probe.

l At the request of the reader, Ranvi once went to the village of Takai. During this time, the life, politics, environment and nature of the village all emerged in Tokayo Javan.

I talk to Tokai about eight topics These are environmental, politics, terrorism, corruption, social festivals, education, culture and Tokai's own accounts.

Every week, Tokai was published from 1978 to 1996. Bichitr tosecond. 1996 in Bichitr to 1999 after the closing of the week 000Ranwi began to draw in Rani in 2004, the last one in Tokyo.

In 2004, the 25th anniversary of Tokyo's gallery, Ranbir's solo exhibition.

l with tokai Tokai One and Tokai's two In the two books published in 1994, symbol publishing company. There are 240 cartoons in the book. However, Rani Kabir did not even know the exact number of Tokaiyai published in the newspaper.

Before taking Ranikki, Ranibi began to draw cartoons of the sixties. However, he had no experience drawing lines like Tokyai.

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