Tuesday , December 1 2020

To be the iPhone XS, use the & # 39; X10 & # 39; what?

Possible Galaxy S10 The Apple Samsung Galaxy S is a flagship called the Galaxy S10, which is expected to face surprises on the new phone, according to technology analysts.

What features will the S10 smartphone have? The S10 smartphone is believed to support 5G networks. Larger screen and iPhone X Max from 6 cameras except. The Samsung Galaxy S10 can leave the market in four special models. A version of the 6.7-inch display can be found in the & # 39; Beyond X & # 39; There is a buzz that is made with a version called code.

This year, Apple released the most expensive flagship iPhone models on the market. The iPhone X Max 512 GB model is priced at $ 1,449 or about 1.32 million. IPhone 6X5 inch screen for iPhone X Max is the maximum demand offered to customers. On September 12, Apple introduced three new iPhones at the same time. Three of the devices are iPhone X, iPhone X Max and iPhone XR.

Samsung Galaxy S10 to protect the new iPhone is doing. Samsung's Xinox 9820 chipset will be used.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, the biggest phone in the Galaxy S10 series was called Beyond X. Codek means that the model's phone has been completed for 10 years. Earlier on the occasion of the Apple iPhone's 10th anniversary, the iPhone X & # 39; opened.

Samsung will give the camera a big surprise in the new Galaxy phone. There will be four cameras in the six cameras and two camera setups in the front.

The Wall Street Journal said that Samsung is discussing 5G with operators like Verizon, AT & T, T-Mobile. However, there are no final decisions yet. Samsung's 5G support can be called the main feature of the S10 smartphone. The South Korean company wants to take advantage of it to be in front of Apple.

Apple plans to remove the phone from the 5G plant in 2020. Intel will be trying to create a 5G modem for them. However, Samsung is working to bring the 5G phone to the market next year.

In addition to the S10 smartphones, the flexibility of the new smartphone will be available next year, Samsung officials said.

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