Thursday , September 29 2022

Think before entering the area


Today we enter the area to capture the crowded Mushfiq Image: Shamsul Haque

The spectators entered the field today. The same scene was seen on the first day of the Sylhet Test. The scene is emotional, but the results can be terrible.

In the second session, the Bangladesh team jumped into Zimbabwe's Dagout, while celebrating Peter Murray. Muşfiqur Rahim, embraced the participation in the match. On the first day of the Sylhet Test, a young person was seen in the room. With regard to security measures, questions were asked about the repetition of visitors.

In the end, he scored the 48th in Zimbabwe. Suddenly, a young girl entered the area on the eastern wall. Mushfiq was caught by the young and caught Mushfiq Mushfiq was initially hesitant but later kept his child in danger. The disgusted hand he received from security guards recalls a picture of a visitor heading towards Mashrafe in Bangladesh-Afghanistan match in 2016. That day he tried to put the Mashrafei devotee behind him.

Abu Zayed, speaking at a news conference on the first day of the team in Bangladesh, said suddenly that someone was scared of Mushfiq when he was suddenly running. This happened twice in three days. Kunda could be a crazy supporter. However, it can be considered as a security breach for ICC. As a host country in Bangladesh, it can affect places. That's why the question arises.

How do the visitors sweep the security guards on the field? Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) Major Security Officer (retd) Hossain slapped the responsibility of Imam law enforcement personnel. I told the media, "Here the BCB has 20 security personnel. They are primarily responsible for the overall monitoring. The responsibility for monitoring the members of the law enforcement agencies, including the safety of anyone in the gallery or area, should be more conscious."

Visitors should also be aware of this. Why should players go to the time of the game? Perhaps evil has no wish, it is just a senseless emotional expression. It is important to be careful though. These pictures now spread quickly. Most UK-Australian teams will play in Bangladesh Banyakk Foreign teams should not be blamed for considering past militant events in the country. As a result, the emotional expression of the viewer may be too expensive to give Bangladesh a chance.

Again many times, the audience is pure passion, not even with it. Someone also speaks to discuss. And now, what is the problem of being viral through social media? It is very important to be careful. There is no use of Ahazari after the accident.

Of course, in 2016 the UK was very sensitive to the series prior to Bangladesh's Cricket. The stadium, the player's hotel and the way around him, included the security which was difficult for the ant to enter. Bangladesh has made many efforts to keep the cricket safe. However, from this precise time, Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, who came to the field to check the touch of the BCB,

The emotions of the fans are the power of Bangladesh cricket. But if you lose consciousness in that emotion, the loss of the game disappears. This field is unacceptable. There was a problem in the game, the security issue came up. In the future, if the audience visits again at Sylhet stadium, the ICC will ask questions about the behavior of the matches at the Sylhet International Stadium. And?

Imagine if your feelings will bring any harm to the image of the country before entering quickly!

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