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The rumors are true: Shakib will attend the elections


GO News 24 | News Desk: Posted on: Nov 10 018, 07:33

The rumors are true: Shakib will attend the elections

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Superstar Shakib Khan. He was the president of Bangladesh Film Industry Association. The next elections, the long-awaited rumors. News was published in multiple media.

Shakib said he would not attend the elections next year. DA Taib will elect as the general secretary.

"I was elected president twice before. The artists chose me to like me. I didn't participate in the last elections. It seems that other than me, maybe it can work well. But I don't really see anything. It just doesn't do anything for these words and attraction artists." As soon as the film ends, the FDC and the artists will develop.

Referring to the number of films in Bangladesh, Shakib said, "The number of photos of the day is decreasing further. There are unnecessary obstacles in the shooting. How will the painting go? How are the artists going in the stomach? I think the artist association has a place to play here. we'll do all the work. & # 39;

Previously, the general secretary was Ömer Sani. Taiba Bhab, who talked about why he would fight with Ta Taib, worked hard for film artists. But he never explained. Most of us don't know that. Silently working quietly. Has the ability to play a role in the development of artists. We need a man like him. That's why I'm thinking of choosing him.

The election of Shilpi Samity in Bangladesh was held on 5 May 2017. Misha Sodder and Zayed Khan won there. The two-year anniversary of the association will be held in May next year.

It can be heard that Shakib will be nominated for the next eleven national elections. However, he has not yet opened his mouth.

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