Tuesday , May 17 2022

The President has agreed to pass 10 bills …- 703947 | Kaler Kantho


10. The President of the Parliament passed the 10th session of the 10th Parliament. Abdul Hamid accepted. The information was released on Wednesday with a circular sent from the Assembly Secretariat.

Bill 10 2014, Children and Infantry Research Institute Bill-2018, Housing and Building Research Institute Bill-2018, Weight and Measurement Bill-2014, Government Affairs Bill-2014, Bangladesh Labor (Amendment) Bill-2014, Bangladesh-10 Shishu Academy Bill-2018, Mental Health Bill-2014, Infectious Diseases (Prevention, Control and Elimination) Bill-2014 and National Curriculum and Textbook Board 2018 shot.

The invoices were enacted with the consent of the President. The laws will be applied after the newspaper is published.

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