Saturday , April 17 2021

The police asked why the nomination documents were presented, Minister of Education

Nurul Islam Nahid File Image Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid was present when Sylhet-6 (Golapganj-Bianibazar) voters presented their candidacy papers in Beanibazar and Sylhet on Wednesday, when he presented his candidacy papers to Mayor of Beanibazar Municipality, Abdus Shukur and Ataur Rahman. Their official vehicles were ANAO.

"The police did not come as a protocol. I didn't need a protocol," they said, saying, "I don't need a protocol. They say they don't have a protocol, they provide security," police officer told Sylhet.

This was the highest candidate to be nominated in the candidate's Education Sector seats. The foreign candidate was nominated for 11 nominations for the leaders of Awami League. In this context, the Minister of Education said on the question of journalists: "The Awami league is well known for drunken rhyme. Many people want to run but after the nomination of the candidate, the Awami League is combined with election. There is no doubt about it. & # 39;

An exception to this year's elections, the Minister of Education, before the elections, the Prime Minister said that all groups met. They are necessary to organize peaceful elections. Id People will win the boat and bring the Awami League back to power, id he said.

Is there an opportunity, as a candidate, as an opportunity? The Minister of Education said, “This is a matter of constitution. But the environment of choice is nice and fair.

The local election candidate lost the Awami League candidate to the Mayor of the Municipality of Golapganj. Awami League candidates have been defeated in different parts of Sylhet and how do you see these issues as Awami League Presidium members in city elections? "Local and national elections are two different things," the journalists said. Said. The development in my region says that other party leaders and workers are not needed.

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