Friday , July 30 2021

Taib appeared in three new films

Showbiz desk: On Wednesday, actor DA Taib was arrested. And as a surprise for Zodiac Day, the announcement of the new three films.
Basically a police officer cannot forget the tension of culture. So we've been moving for a long time. Although it started with a small screen, DA Taib is now a familiar face in the film. In the meantime, in front of the audience in front of Poppy and Parmini, py Sonabandhu mini starred in the film. The new picture & # 39; Dark World & # 39; waiting to be released. That's his hero Mahia Mahi. The actor appears next to three new pictures. Actor's birthday is tomorrow. He will celebrate birthdays at one of Dhaka's best restaurants. DA Taib, three films as a surprise at the birthday party announced. Also click & # 39; Home Earth & # 39; Janggi & # 39; and & # 39; Maa & # 39; You can give detailed information about the pictures. He also said that SG Productions will produce three new films. Here are the opposite of many popular heroes in front of DA Taib. There will be some surprises. In addition, the movie 'Dark Jagat & # 39; photo will be published in the trailer. Meanwhile, the film industry watches three films together in the film industry and producer-drought. The actor applauded DA Taib. Their expectations, good stories and creators will make three paintings by DA Taib.

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