Thursday , September 29 2022

Start of intercity train service in Dhaka-Panchagarh


On the Saturday morning at the Panchagarh railway station additional Secretary of the railway ministry. Abul Kalam Azad officially started the intercity train service from the Panchagarh route from Dhaka. Photo: Star Mail

Direct travel to Panchagarh route from Dhaka. The Secretary of the Democratic Republic of the Republic, Abdul Kalam Azad, was officially put into service on Saturday morning at the Panchagarh Railway Station.

At the intersection of the green flags in the morning, Panchagarh abandoned the station with the intercity high-speed train, with 13 green and red green bogies. In Time 9, click & # 39; Ekta Express & # 39; Another urban train called Panchagarh left.

Bangladesh Railway Administration sources said that Panchagarh went to Dhaka route to promote the new train service, but the speed and association of Dinajpur from Dhaka were brought to Panchagarh. The train will stop at 23 train stations. There will be no demo or shuttle train. The train will travel two days a week. From Panchagarh train station, we will go to Dhaka every morning at 07:20. Again, we'll go to Panchagarh from Dhaka every 8 hours. On the other hand, Ekta Express will depart from Panchagarh every evening at 9 am and leave Dhaka at 10 o'clock. Each air-conditioned (AC) bathroom will be rented in Tk 1,94,286, AC chair rental Tk 1,53, non-AC bathroom rental Tk 1, 145 and decorative chair rental Tk 550 T.

Abul Kalam Azad said, "As part of the current government's plan to develop railways from each region, an international train service was launched from Panchagarh to Dhaka Railway. In the meantime, the expertise work has begun, and although there are 35 seats in intercity trains, the seats will be rearranged very soon.

Furthermore, the additional secretary said that Bangladeshi communication between India, Nepal and Bhutan could pass through the Bangruandhu land port over the Dhaka-Panchagarh-Bangla Bunda route.

Bangladesh Railway General Manager Kazi Md. Panchagarh-2, from Advocate Md company Rafiqul Alam, MP. Nurul Islam Sujon, Deputy Commissioner Sabina Yasmin, Supplementary Commissioner Golam Azam, Secretary General of Region Awami League Enver Sadat Emperor, Panchagarh Railway Station Station Master. There were many people, including Mosharraf Hossain.

With the introduction of two trains, passengers and passengers are expected to have a positive impact as well as transport of goods.

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