Sunday , May 22 2022

Soothing in preparation for strokes, I


Two-day warm-up match against West Indies at MA Saint Stadium
On the last day, Soumya returned with 103, 103 quartiles, 10 quarters and three golds. Run-ball equation says
The left arm opener was very aggressive. But he left many balls this day, he used
Bad balls.

At the beginning of the match, Kemar Roach was on his way to the defensive with a shotgun in an early round. seals
The person on the left didn't manage to go after fast bowling.

Shannon Gabriel, another bowling player of the new ball, has overlapped five times
Great fight This fast bowling can be played several times in the beginning, the ball to quickly chase.
Didn't take his bat

Outside of the Gabriel Off Stump, he pushes the ball out of the slide,
The tight. The second limit is to get a big cover driver on top. Shortly after the second
It comes with four other plugs.

The return of the West Indies couldn't face the temptation of the tempo test. out
This young Long Roof Chassis Chakkaya aircraft. Boundary cut later.

Pacer Sharman, captain inspires captain to stop his majesty
Louis. Border, after the wholesale of four, took the cover by pulling the limit down.

Soumya went to lunch with 43 runs. Fifteenth reached the second. Closed
Devendra Bishoo welcomed four people from Hamply outside of Stumps.
Fifty touches the boundary with the cover of the leg bender.

Bismo did not allow Thitu to be mesmerized. His legs were too good to handle the leg turn.
He didn't hesitate to fly when he took the ball in their area. One of them, bishu chakkaya and thrust.

Sourav was looking forward to playing Test cricket for a year.
Jambled Warikan is a matter of time, preventing the opener from hitting his left hand fluently. Left arm
Go back to the coffin by catching the ball and returning back.

This young man kept the good rhythm in big cricket. Preparation match
West Indies bowlers were well aware of the test, Test test
Now he's ready to finish.

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