Tuesday , July 27 2021

Shanu is waiting for the first time

Staff Reporter | 12 November, 018, Monday, 8:11

Shanu, the goddess Shanu, is also an actress and poet. In the long run he has seen so much TV drama and telefilm. But he never met on the screen. It was his first time in a movie. & # 39; Mr. Bangladesh & # 39; name. Abu Akterul was created by Imam. The main theme of this film is the protest against terrorism. In the film's story, Shanu will be seen as a doctor in the Rohingya camp. On November 16th, the film will be released by Shanu. Since Bangladesh is the first film of Shanu, it spends a lot of time in the campaign. She has worked in various universities, including television and radio channels, a magazine bureau, a news portal office and many other programs. And then he comes home, sometimes two or three times. He'il run up to the campaign in the morning. Shanu does his best to reach the earliest Bangladeshi news. He said, "I've been looking forward to his release because Mr. Bangladesh" is my first film. The audience will ask you to like the film. Jazz Multimedia & # 39; Mr. Bangladesh & # 39; Program.

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