Saturday , May 8 2021

Shah Rukh couldn’t give up this habit even after Suhana’s threat 1019304 | Voice of tomorrow

In many interviews Shah Rukh Khan talked about his smoking addiction. Although he thought he would quit many times, he could not quit smoking. In the past, King Khan also said that he would quit smoking for his children. But still could not leave.

And for this he threatened his daughter Suhana Khan as well. In an interview during the promotion of Ra-One in 2011, Shah Rukh Khan said that Suhana scolded him for smoking. “I want to say that I warn people against smoking on every platform, in all pictures,” he said. But still I can’t let myself go.

Shah Rukh said I was ashamed of this. But I really want to leave. But I don’t have time. Shah Rukh also said that quitting smoking takes time. Today my daughter told me about my father, you said quit smoking! I reduced smoking a lot. I just smoke repeatedly in a day. I will try to reduce it more this month.

However, Shah Rukh did not destroy this plan. He could not quit smoking. Even after that, he said in various interviews that he will do more exercise and reduce smoking, considering his children. However, he could not quit smoking. A few days ago, a fan of Shah Rukh asked him how to quit smoking on Twitter.

In response, Shah Rukh said you are looking for the answer to this question in the wrong place, my friend. But good luck for your endeavor. Shah Rukh Khan is the father of Aryan, Suhana, and Abram. Kral Han will return to the big screen after four long years. The name of the picture is “Send”. Deepika Padukone stars in the movie directed by Siddharth Anand.

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