Sunday , February 28 2021

Samsung is using this hundred and fifty million.

By 2015, new members of the technology world will appear with a foldable screen smartphone. However, Huawei, LG, Motorola also joined the race with Samsung. Celeste iPhone also left this feature. Recently, the price of this phone is currently 1,76,687 rupees, which has lowered the price of Apple. Please note that the price of iPhone XS Max is Rs 1,02,379.

Samsung 's fifth annual event announced the upcoming fold-out phone. The business has been going on for several years. Hard to move with tabs. This device does not want to enter the pocket easily. That's why the smartphone manufacturers came up with this new groundbreaking screen you can fold into pockets. Still, there are many questions to think about – is this a tab or phone? Will the phone be as heavy and big as a tab? The price will definitely sky, how will the application work on the phone? How much is the phone?

Samsung's foldable phone is basically a tablet that can turn into a small smartphone. Samsung will ensure the convenience of phone calls on this device. When folding the tablet, a small 4.6 inch screen becomes a smartphone with a bezel. The aspect ratio of the tab will be 21: 9 and the screen size will be 7.3 inches. But the folding will be 4.6 inches.

Samsung said the Infinity Flex Display could be used with a new mobile platform. However, Samsung does not work on this phone, but Samsung has not yet explained anything or demo. However, make sure the price is not too low.

"The folding screen will form the basis for a new kind of mobile experience," said Samsung Electronics' Head of IT and Mobile Communications.

This new member will be born in 2017. According to a report published in the South Korean newspaper "The Bel," Samsung will bring the Galaxy Tab in February 2015 until February, with a display that folds next year.

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