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Rumors of political activists and activists on Facebook


The issue of fake news through social media in Bangladesh has been highly discussed. Many people call this fake story rumor & # 39; called.

In social media, some of the most widely published news have been found to be associated with people from different levels and professions.

But in this article, I'll focus on some false news that creates many controversies through social media.

Various political party activists and supporters have played a role in the dissemination of this false news.

Sheikh Hasina and Nobel Prize

The Asian era, a brief British daily in Bangladesh, reported in September 2010 that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was nominated for the 2010 Nobel Prize for 2007.

However, the report was not mentioned in the report.

The Nobel Peace Prize website shows that the Nobel Committee has kept the names of candidates or candidates for 50 years.

In this context, the Nobel Committee complies with strict confidentiality rules.

A short list is given in the fourth phase of the Nobel Prize.

However, it is not possible to know the names of some names in this short list. Then we examined more.

In other words, Sheikh Hasina's short list of the Nobel Peace Prize is a fake news finder.

A real discovery website says that the claim that Sheikh Hasina was short listed for the Nobel Prize is fake.

Based on this misinformation, Awami League activists and activists campaigned on Facebook.

Tareq Rahman and Oxford University

BNP workers and supporters carried out a big campaign against Tarık Rahman.

In April of this year, a problem in Facebook was quite viral. The title, "Tarek Zia, was invited to become a professor at Oxford University."

Such a thing is natural curiosity. He shared hundreds on Facebook

Those who shared these stories praised and shared Tarık Rahman.

There was not much to understand that most of those who shared this were BNP supporters.

By sharing this news, BNP supporters reminded Tarık Rahman about "conformity".

"" has published a news site news and received BNP fans.

No reference to this news. Nobody had a statement. Mainstream media in Bangladesh did not carry out this campaign.

None of the BNPs knew about Dhaka's claim to Tarek Rahman at Oxford University.

When he contacted some of the BNP leaders in Dhaka, this matter completely exploded.

Because if Tareq Rahman was really invited to Oxford, the BNP would do it by moving him around. This is not the case.

Sheikh Hasina and second best prime minister

The Cabinet meeting, in the third week of March of this year, at a press conference of cabinet minister Shafiul Alam, congratulated the cabinet Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as the second best Prime Minister in the world.

The secretary of the cabinet, Sheikh Hasina's Singapore-based research organization, The Statistic International & # 39; said the second best prime minister in the poll.

A few days before the cabinet celebrated the news spread to several websites. After that, many people shared on Facebook.

However, you may need & # 39; International Statistics & # 39; The presence of a company called Google did not come across the Internet in search.

Currently, it is normal for any company to have a website.

Moreover, the organization investigating heads of government, the absence of a website is very unusual.

Not only the name of the organization, but the results of Google search with many English words and phrases were not helped.

The secretary of the cabinet said Sheikh Hasina was the second best prime minister. In this case, the question arose, who is the first? But the answer doesn't match.

The BD Fact Check, a website in Bangladesh with a fake news identity, says the news of Sheikh Hasina as the in second best prime minister; is fake.

However, after congratulating the Cabinet Council, almost all of Bangladesh 's mainstream media published without asking any questions.

Safe road motion and collision with jigat

In August this year, students of various school colleges protested the safe road movement in Dhaka.

Four days later, school-college students from different parts of the city of Dhaka protested on the street by protesting.

On the fifth day of the protesters, the protesters were chase and counter-chase as well as the student wing of the Jigatala area in the student wing of the ruling party.

Allegedly, then some people were injured in the attack of BCL. Some people admitted to the hospital in a bloody manner.

But right after this, rumors spread that four people were killed in Jigat and some school girls were raped.

Rumor has it that some people's eyes are ripped off.

Many people publish different images and videos on Facebook.

However, it was not certain whether these events were related to Jigat.

After these problems spread, most were spoken with the BBC. Those who share these messages are also spoken.

However, no eyewitnesses were found in the incident. Everybody said they heard about the death and they were raped.

The BBC has also been interviewed in various hospitals. Authorities said the hospital did not come after a person who was seriously injured in the clashes.

However, it is reported that some of the injured hospitals have returned home with first aid.

Also, if a person dies by mistake, it is usually normal for post-natal examination.

No such post mortem examination was found at Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

Also, there was no common log at the police station for a missing person.

Even a family didn't tell the media about the murders.

There have also been no complaints of murder or rape by talking to BBC correspondent Surajmin.

Even then, no one complained about killing or rape.

While examining various Facebook posts during the event, it was seen that the supporters of different levels of leaders, activists and anti-government political parties played a role in the dissemination of these publications.

Most political observers believe that rumors of social networking and rape are spreading as a strategy to put pressure on the government.

These rumors have also included many of the well-known people of society.

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