Wednesday , November 25 2020

Rape of dead women: Munna’s father cries for justice 978383 | Voice of tomorrow

Munna Bhakta was arrested for raping young people who died in a morgue. Photo: Gathered

Her father, Dulal Bhakta, sought justice for Munna Bhakta, who raped dead women held in the morgue of Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical School Hospital in Dhaka. He resides in the municipal area of ​​Goalanda, Rajbari. Previously, Munna, a friend of Dom’s, was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on charges of rape.

When Munna’s father Dulal went to Bhakta’s home and spoke to him, he said that Munna went to work in Dhaka after studying from Goaland Ideal High School through eighth grade. Then my wife’s brother (Munnar’s uncle) Jatan Kumar worked with Lal in the morgue as Dom’s collaborator and worked from his home for about a year and a half. On Friday, I heard from the locals that my son Munna Bhakta was doing a dirty, down-to-earth job where he used to work.

At the same time, many people in the area talk about it in various ways. But what Munna did is wrong, I want her justice. Munnar’s father cried after saying this.

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Swapan Bhakta, a resident of the area, said that Munna’s speech and behavior were already terrible, but from time to time I heard she was drunk. Later, Munna went to Dhaka to work for us, and if Munna did such a hideous job, we want justice for her.

Rajesh Bhakta, a resident of the Broom Colony in Goalanda Municipality, said that even if it is a human, it is a person or something. I want your justice. It must be decided that no one in the world can ever do this heinous act again.

CID has found evidence that at least five young people were raped between March 29 last year and August 23 this year.

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