Sunday , November 29 2020

On Wednesday, celebrating the holy feast birthday

Hijri 12 Rabiul Awal Vishwani is the birthplace of Muhammad (S) and Ophat. In 570 AD, his father was born as the mother of Abdullah and Amena from the tribe of Mecca. At the end of 63 years, at the end of the 63rd year of Islam, after the announcement of the great gods of Islam, he fulfilled all responsibilities of the blessings of Allah on the same day.

That is why the day is very important for Muslims around the world. Although the birth of the last and greatest prophet was born on the same day, Muslims celebrate their days as the birthday (peace) or birthday of the Holy Prophet. On this occasion an official holiday was announced

The religious ministry received several programs to celebrate the sacred Eid-ul-Madinbani. Islamic fundamentalists organized a monthly book fair with various programs organized nationwide. In addition to the Bangladeshi Radio and Bangladeshi Radio, private television and Radio Day will promote the importance of programs of special importance. Special articles will be published in journals. Different programs are organized in the country, including mosque-madrasah and different religious institutions, milad mahfil.

The importance and importance of Eid-ul-Miladunnabi: Eid, Milad and Prophet were named after three words. The feast means – joy, which means Milad – the birthday and the prophet means divine messenger. Then Eid Miladunnabi celebrates the Prophet's birthday. Rabiul Awwal is celebrated as the birth and death of the Prophet, as well as a birth festival.

Any person in the world creates a huge gap for his family, society and country. But the death of Mahabani did not create any gaps at any stage of human society and civilization. Although there is no more pain than death for Ummah. He has been sent to the whole world as the mercy of Allah.

After thirty years after accepting the prophecy, Hz. Muhammad (S) is serving the noble ideals of Islam by combating adversity and hundreds of obstacles. Each of his works, words are ideal for us. On the way to the world, peace and humanity can come into the world. Ershad said I sent you as a compassion for the whole world. (Surah al-Anbiya: 107).

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