Saturday , May 8 2021

Mamunul Haque’s followers beat the journalist in Narayanganj, breaking his teeth

His followers Narayanganj raided the home of a local journalist at the Royal Resort in Sonargaon to gather information about the blockade of Hefazat leader Mamunul Haque, including a woman.

At that time, the furniture of the house was destroyed, the journalist was beaten and attacked.

The attack occurred in the Nazirpur Bhanti Char district of the Sanmandi union in Sonargaon upazila on Monday night.

Meanwhile, Mamunul Haque’s followers beat Habibur Rahman, a Sonargaon representative of a private company called Channel S, and took him out of the house.

Later, on social media, Facebook asked Mamunul to apologize. This video is already viral via social media.

As seen in the video, Mamunul’s followers insult the journalist Habib.

One of them says you must apologize to Huzur (Mamunul Haque) for Huzur’s forgiveness. Someone else says, “I’m sorry from Huzur (Mamunulhaq)” you will say. I made a mistake going there as a journalist. You will forgive me

As they did not apologize as they said, the journalist dragged Habib to the side of the road.

There he broke his teeth by beating Habib several times. Habib’s younger brother, Mofazzal Hossain, called 999 and informed the police.

Mofazzal said that his brother Habib was sleeping in the room. At around 21.30 Hefazat leaders and activists attacked our house with sticks. They damaged various furniture in the house. He dragged his brother out of the house.

He also said that Mamunul Haque’s forces beat my brother Habib with sticks several times. The beating broke his teeth. When I couldn’t save my brother from them, I called 999 and informed the police. After a while, the police came and rescued the brother from them and took him to the hospital.

He filed a written complaint to the police.

Habibur Rahman said, “Because I did not apologize, they randomly beat me and seriously injured me. They destroyed my house and left with various slogans.”

Sonargaon Police Officer (OC) Hafızur Rahman went to the hospital to see the journalist. “I have received complaints from my family about this,” he said. Fast action is taken against criminals.

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