Wednesday , November 25 2020

Kapil thinks Kohli’s comeback is a luxury

Former Indian star Kapil Giant opened his mouth about Virat Kohli’s return to the country in the middle of his tour of Australia. Despite playing the entire ODI series and the T20 series, the Indian captain will return to the country with paternity leave after playing the first game of the Test series. This is exactly where the former World Cup winner captain Kapil Dev set the tone.

Kapil thinks Kohli’s return is a luxury. He says they didn’t have the opportunity to show such luxury in their time. Meanwhile, he cites the example of another legend, Sunil Gavaskar. He said that Gavaskar hadn’t seen his child’s face in months while playing for the country.

Kapil did not forget to mention in the past that Kohli came to play the day after his father’s death. But times have changed for him and now these can be done.

Kapil said he could travel within three days if he wanted. But without this, Kohli withdrew from three Tests of such an important round.

India is returning to the international cricket country with a tour of Australia after a long time. Corona’s next situation caused surprise among fans of India’s tour to Australia. Many former Indian and Australian cricket players spoke out against the Indian captain’s return. Everyone says that when Kohli returns, the team will miss him.

(Dhaka Times / 22 November / SUL)

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