Friday , August 19 2022

India Women's team beat New Zealand in T20 World Cup's first match


Harmanpreet Kaur, the star bat of India, was the devastating woman of the World Cup semi-finals after the rainy season ended. India launches 20 World Cup campaign by defeating New Zealand with 34 runs

On Friday, in the first World Cup match in Guyana, Harmanpreet scored the first game and announced that he came in an aggressive cricket game. Indian captain Harmanpreet scored 51 points with 51 points. 49 balls reaching the face. This is the first Indian woman to win a century in the T-Twenty T20 series. In India, 194 ran five steamers. New Zealand has faced catastrophes since the beginning of the chase. Two Indian spinners, Dwayne Hemantas and Poonam Yadav, spread extremely hard. Both took three each. New Zealand did not receive 160 runs 9 times in 20 passes.

In July of last year, more than 50 World Cup semi-finals struck the bat in Haramapreet In this match, 171 steals were the basis for winning against Australia. Harmanpreet made a great contribution by referring to a similar century on Friday.

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After India was laid out on Friday, Harmanpreet, who said that India had come out in 40-3, was chosen by Jamema Rodriguez, 18 years old daughter of Mumbai. He scored 59 on 45 balls. The 134-seat partnership of Harmanpreet and Jamiemar helped raise his head while standing in front of the team. Jamema also made an appearance today. At an early age, the girls could not make 50 runs in 2020.

Two of them were in the sea at 13 and there was a storm in the Providence stadium. At that time, there were 56 runs five times in the scoreboard of India. 118 running in the last ten times. Harmapreetya seven four and eight six. Jemima didn't break six, but he kept up with four.

"I'm very happy to play these strokes. I'm very happy to play these strokes," he said after the aggressive beats, after the hot-hearted game. But keep in mind that this is just the beginning. Still, we have to go a long way. However, we should make more progress as a team. I know I can play my best shots when I get wet with wicket, I know very well. But at that time Jameimah played very well. In such cases, he needs a bat to turn. At least this time I had no problem. "

Worried about the fire last night, Hormaprita said, an I had fun, last night, my fire came. Don't believe it today. Ramesh Paurar, captain of the team. 39; & # 39;

In this match, Mitali Raj did not score well in the first six races. In this context, Harmanpreet said, man Mitali is one of the most reliable members of our team. The first six times passed and did not get too many points. But cricket can be that way. Maybe you can run more bats after the swing. But it's so nice to be on the team. His experience always comes in handy. "

Short Score

India 5 small doors 194 Harmanpreet 103, Jamema 59

New Zealand has won 9 wickets, Hemlata has received three small ones for 26 runs. Poonam 3 wickets for 33 work

India won with 34 runs.

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