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Humayun Ahmed's birthday celebrated lovingly


Humayun Ahmed's birthday celebrated lovingly

Staff Reporter Humayun Ahmed did not like his personal splendor or formality. However, the love, the goodness and love of love finally became the author's birthday and it was nice. His unofficial birthdays were officially formal. This was the 71st birthday of the famous writer, dramatist and director of Bangla literature in Bangladesh. Although she did not have this literary and artistic writing in the unknown world, there were many events surrounding her birthday. The publisher of Humayun's book, the reader, the most dear, friends and entrepreneurs is celebrated with joy and respect.

His birthday was celebrated with thousands of celebrations and birthday celebrations. Fans of the beloved writer say the true love of the heart. It seemed to entertain the people with the infinite creation, that was his reward. Humayun Ahmed's solo book fair and Humayun Melas organized many events, including the offer. In the evening, the Shilpakala Academy organized the main auditorium of the National Auditorium, Humayun Ahmed's drama 'Debi & # 39; played the plural of drama. The only book fair of Humayun Ahmed started in the public library in Şahbagh, giving love to the legendary writers. Family members and fans, Pirujali near Dhaka, Nuhashpalli in Gazipur, said they liked the flowers in the author's grave. The popular singer's poem is also a colorful ceremony in Mohunjon, the birthplace of Kutubpur, and in Humayun Ahmed, from Kendra upazila of Netrokona.

On Monday, at 12 am, every morning, in the morning of the morning, the morning of the author's house was held in the author's birthday cake house. The pie was interrupted by the author's husband Mehra Afroz Shaon and his two sons Nishad and Nineit.

Humayun's book dedicated to Humayun: Humayun Ahmed's afternoon book, Humayun Ahmed's solo book fair Sufia Kamal held a public library in the National Public Library Humayun Ahmed's 17 publishing houses . Fictionalist Syed Manjrul Islam launched the fair by blowing up 70 balloons in the afternoon. Humayun Ahmed 's younger brother, cartoonist and comedian Ahsan Habib and his wife Meher Afroz Shaon were special guests. Speaking in the case, the President of the Association of Information and Creative Publishers spoke to Farid Ahmed.

Syed Manjurul Islam, Humayun Ahmed & # 39; s work for the publishing industry of this country, 100 writers from other countries of the world can not do, he said. New readers will discover him and will remember his life and literature.

Ahsan Habib said that this event was great. Because all the books of Humayun Ahmed are found here. After the match, he wrote some new books he should know. He urged his publishers to publish the books of Humayun Ahmed correctly.

Meher Afroz Shaon said that Humayun Ahmed was the most organized event of his birthday. Which comes from 60th birthday. However, its range is reduced after death. This fall is painful as a fan and family member. Meanwhile, Humayun celebrated his 71st birthday.

Farid Ahmed said that Bangladesh is doing the publishing sector alone. Which publishers are grateful to him forever. This is his biggest achievement. If he didn't, the publisher with the head of today wouldn't have any.

17 publishing companies Humayun Ahmed & # 39; s books are published in the fair. These include: Ananya, Other Prakash, Anupam, Anbisha, Leisure, Afsara Brothers, Kakali, Gyanakos, Taptipi, Perl, Prakike, Bangla Prakash, Maola Brdadas, Shikha, Zaman, Sagar Publishers and Gold. The fair will be open to everyone between 10:00 and 20:00.

Chainel Aye Humayun Mela: On the occasion of Humayun Ahmed's birthday, Humayun Mela was held in the capital's Tejgaon Channel I building. In the morning, Himuparimi, who wore a yellow Panjabi, launched the fair by opening a yellow balloon from the Channel I facilities. Cultural personality Syed Hasan Imam, Ramendu Majumdar, Channel I Director and Message Chair Sheikh Siraj, director Zahir Uddin Mahmoud Mamun and Mukit Majumder Babu, singer Imdadul Haque Milon, journalist Rezanur Rahman, publisher Mazharul Islam, Farid Ahmed and Humayun fans come from different parts of life. . And the song was written by the hackers Humayun Ahmed from the open stage. He made music for Fakir Alamgir, Rafiqul Alam, Akramul Haque, Chandana Majumdar, Kiran Chandra Roy, Ateş, Selim Chowdhury, Serakantha, Khudey Gaanraj and Bangla Song. Square Group Chairman Anjan Chowdhury Pintu, filmmaker AKM Jahangir Khan, Professor Nurjahan Sarkar and other statesmen participated in the memory of Humayun Ahmed. Humayun Ahmed, meanwhile, celebrated the birthday of Humayun Ahmed. Apart from the songs, dance is performed at the ceremony. The exhibition was stolen from the books of Humayun Ahmed and other materials. Children's artists painted painted paints.

Seminar in the museum. On Tuesday, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of his birth, Humayun Ahmed's Life and Society of Bengal in Sahitya The National Museum was held at the seminar. The seminar was organized as a guest of honor in the seminar of Sufia Kamal, the secretary of cultural affairs Nasiruddin Ahmed and cultural personality Ramendu Majumder. His wife Meher Afroz Shaon, other editor-in-chief Mazharul Islam, and actor Dr. Humayun Ahmed & # 39; s wife. Ejaz Ahmed discussed the main article about Mum Rahman. This function was directed by the fictional Selina Hossain.

& # 39; Goddess & # 39; On the occasion of the birth of Humayun Ahmed, the ' his drama was staged on Tuesday evening at the main auditorium of the National Auditorium of the Shitalakala Academy. The decks of the 115th stage were built by Ikbal Hossain, based on the dramatic production of Humayun Ahmed. The theater was directed by the aurham lamps.

On Tuesday, the celebration was held in the candlelight of 11:00 and the ceremony began on Tuesday morning and the wedding ceremony of Humayun, one of Humayun's places in Gazipur, started in Nuhaşallı. Janakantha's Gazipur correspondent Humayun said the fans and crowd fans gathered in Nuhashpalli since the fall of autumn. They inflated the flowers in the grave and gave tribute to their favorite author. His wife Mehr Afroz Shawon and his two sons sent flower tribute to the authors' tomb. In front of the wall painting of Humayun Ahmed, he congratulated the Father's birthday with devotees and people of the region and celebrated the Father's birthday by Nishad and Nineit.

Meher Afroz Shaon, Humayun Ahmed & # 39; s memories and belongings spread to different people, he said. Soon after, the Humayun Smriti Museum's work will begin with the consent of the family to protect these memories. It will be open to everyone. Humayun Ahmed fans from remote areas are talking about the misfortune of the road from Hooppara to Nuhash Palli. His government drew attention to the renewal of the road.

Eventually, Humayun Ahmed's birthday was celebrated in Noahashpalli. A total of 2,500 candles were burned on Monday evening at 12.11 in Nuhashpalli. On Tuesday morning, Humayun Ahmed Meher with Afroz Shaon's wife, two sons Nishad and Nineit, and their relatives and devotees cut the cake in Nuhashpalli and flew 10 pairs of pigeons. Previously, Humayun offered prayers to Ahmed's grave, who prayed for his grave and prayed for the forgiveness of the soul. On the occasion of the birthday of Humayun Ahmed, a long-term solo exhibition of sculptor Asad Khan in Nuhash Palli was held.

The Himu Paribahan group, consisting of 30 members in Gazipur County, surrendered to the cemetery and wreaths in Nuhash Palli on Tuesday morning. Mohammad Zahirul Islam, a member of Himu Paribahan, said in the morning they were distributing the Cancer Awareness brochure on the way to the local community from Nuhashpalli.

Humayan Ahmed's birthday ceremony in Mohanganj: The Mohonganj correspondent of Netakona, Janakantha from Netakona made a series of celebrations on Tuesday at the celebration of the celebration of the comedian Humayun Ahmad by Mohanganj in Netrokona. he said the programs were broadcast on his birthday. Many social-cultural and educational institutions, including the Mohanaganj public library and the Chyonika Mahila libraries, celebrate the day-long program. The program included a colorful procession, Humayun Ahmed's birthplace environment, portrait wreaths, cake cutting, patta mouth, the author's text, discussion and cultural program. Among them, Humayun Ahmad's young uncle Muhammad Mahbubun, Nabi Sheikh, poet and writer Rais Manam, was the president of the Chayanika Library, Tahmina Sattar.

Humayun's birthday was arranged in Faridpur: Janakantha's Faridpur reporter said that on the birth of Humayun Ahmed, he had organized a colorful ceremony organized by the Faridpur literary magazine. Head of the author's friend, Professor Altaf Hossain, chairman of the chief guest, Jagdish Chandra Ghosh, a senior journalist and teacher. Welcome editor Mofiz made his welcome speech at Imam Milon. Also, science writer Professor Md participated in the discussion. Halim learned literary Mridha Rızaul and poet Sourav Devaya.

On the occasion of her birthday, the authors arranged 70 books, a photo taken by Nasser Ali Mamun, the poster of Humayun Ahmed and Paper Cutting with her.

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