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Herbola Joy Janti's contemporary love


Dhaka: Joyita Bhattacharya is a favorite name for its readers. Although living in Bengali, West India lives and concentrates. It is constantly striving to create a professional, thoughtful and sophisticated work of art online. & # 39; Drama Queen & # 39; The traces of the series carry a brilliant expression.

His famous son-in-law, Herbola, is one of the country's most widely read organizations, called & # 39; Joy ​​Jubilee & # 39; told his story. Other famous artists of the country, Ahkam Ullah and Şimul Mustafa.

The year-long program took place at the beginning of this year due to the two-year anniversary of Herbala. The program continued on Sunday (November 18th) with three major artists. Shree Shilpakala said the Music, Dance and Rationale auditorium's Joy in Jubilee was a joy, pain and love in the contemporary era.

Babysitter Ahkam Ullah, poet Shamsur Rahman's Panthan, Syed Shamsul Haq & # 39; s & # 39; My ID & # 39;, & # 39; Kallu & # 39; The poems of the two villages of the Subodh government, from Bhaskar Chowdhury & # 39; s; My friend is Niranjan & # 39; s Sharjah Sen 's homeland & # 39; told many people. Poet poems

Shamul Mustafa, the poet Najib Hikmat, 'Jailkhanar Chithi & # 39; and the poet Rahul Deb Varman & # 39; s; Robi Roy & # 39; studied poems of various poets.

Joyita Bhattacharya, the poet Anindya Mukherjee by & # 39; Tilottama, & # 39; Ek Pasha Rish, & # 39; No Time & # 39; & # 39; Conquest Pain & # 39; read the poem.

Organizer Harbola director Abitistilpi Mazumdar Biplob said the year of its establishment on the occasion of the anniversary of the celebration of Harbola. A special interpretation of this year as part of the year-long recital program organized by Annex Twi.

Along with Jayita Bhattacharya, the attraction of Ahkam Ullah and Shimul Mustafa was organized as a whole. As one of the leading participants of the memorization movement in Bangladesh, these artists even advocated the collective practice of organizational expression, as well as the art of art recreation, both in the country and abroad, even at the height of a common popularity.

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