Wednesday , November 25 2020

‘Golden Monir’ prisoner

After his arrest on Saturday, the LORD filed three cases against the businessman at the Badda police station. He was sent to the Dhaka court on Sunday.

Two judges of the Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate’s Criminal Court detained Monir for 18 days in three cases.

Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Ebu Bekar Siddique was arrested for 7 days and 14 days in the Gun and Special Powers Law case, and Metropolitan Judge Masudur Rahman in the drug case for four days.

However, the police will be able to detain Monir for a total of 11 days to question him.

Prosecutor Abdullah Abu told that the detention in the Arms and Special Forces Law case would continue simultaneously for seven days.

Monir’s lawyer Ehsanul Haque Samaji asked the court to cancel the detention. In addition, all gold jewelery that must be seized were also found. So there is no need to arrest him unnecessarily. “

The lawyer made a similar statement in the drug case.

Monir, standing on the fence, said nothing.

Who is this ‘Golden Monir’?

Monir’s 200 conspiracy: government to take ‘verified action’

Monir’s 200 conspiracy: government to take ‘verified action’

From Friday midnight to Saturday morning the LORD raided Monir’s house in Merul Badda. That’s when he was arrested.

It was determined that the six-story house had 1 crore 9 lakh rupees in cash, 10 lakh rupees worth of foreign currency from 10 countries, 4 liters of liquor, 8 kg of gold, a foreign gun and a few bullets.

The man known as the ‘Gold Monir’ is known as a gold merchant, but the Bangladesh Jewelers Association said he was not a gold merchant.

The LORD said that it was Monir’s job not to smuggle gold; He later got involved in the land business.

The issue of Monir, which has become the ‘mafia’ of the land trade from a towel seller, comes to the fore after that campaign.

Five vehicles were found in his home, three of which were seized due to lack of valid documents.

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