Friday , August 19 2022

Facebook deletes sent messages – I


You can delete the message by sending the wrong message to the subscribers within 10 minutes.
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The release version of the iOS version of 191.0 will come soon with the new feature & # 39; lists as
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Similar features are a chat messenger of Facebook, WhatsApp But sent
To delete messages, take an hour to WhatsApp. Time for Messengers
10 minutes

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The report states that it does not take longer than 10 minutes to correct the error, but has its own errors.
It's better than sure.

Discussions have been in progress since April this year.

Then secret messages were secretly accepted by Zuckerberg.
From that moment on, the debate on this topic began to become the largest social media in the world.

This year
It was first noticed in October during the feature test.

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