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Expenditure will increase in Karkat, Aslan will be happy, will see what the sign is … … News18 Bengali

The expenses will increase in Karkat, the lion will be happy, the sign will see what it is ...

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Updated:27 Nov 2018 08:57 AM IST

Coach: Shubashu Mishra is the Jai Yasha / Jashya Day of Aries. Under the influence of Saturn Chandra, outbreaks of work will emerge. He might be a little worried about accepting the little brothers. Journalists and literary days will not be good Unexpected barriers can arise to book publishers and print merchants. Avoid conflicts with neighbors.

Taurus: Tribes can be mixed with nation / nation mixed. To accelerate, money debts will have to accumulate. Food and drink traders can't get expectations. There will be obstacles to saving efforts. The arrival of a brother-in-law may be a bit confusing. Be careful about the financial transactions of BKash and rocket agents. You can cancel any hotel reservation.

Twins: Twins Rishi Jatak / Jatiya Day is a mixed potential. The workload of the workforce will increase. You may suffer from mental restlessness. Adults suffer from physical pain. The day will not be good for business purposes. Contractor or construction work facing unexpected obstacles. Be successful in political studies. Public relations will increase.

Cancer: Cancer / Jatiya day cannot be good. Expenses will increase. The outsiders may be in trouble. Travel agencies and transportation traders have to deal with problems with the mechanical problem. It's not going to be a legal complication, but it won't. You may have a nominal decision.

Singh: The lion's nation / nation day is a mixed potential. There will be some problems in the business and business world. The goods may return the product. The elderly brothers and sisters will be confused with their cultural relations. Business colleagues can wait for help. Sales Representatives will be better than earnings The burden of difficulties in contracted jobs is strong.

daughter: Her daughter / daughter's day will not be good. There is a risk of any problems in the workplace. Large staff can get help. There will be obstacles in the work of political leaders and workers. Unemployed work-related exams will not be as expected. Administrative authorities will face difficulties.

Cotton: Varieties of cotton / cotton varieties will be mixed. There is a fear of some obstacles in foreign trade and trade. Religious and spiritual work must face difficulty. There will be barriers to education for students going abroad for higher education. The day of expatriate is a challenge. Fate will be a little hostile.

Scorpion: Scorpio / country day can not be good. The creditor may be unstable. Bank credit issues will be prevented. Take a careful walk on the road. There may be problems with any person in the police administration. Risky investment risks. Stock traders face losses.

Spring: Jupiter / Race race will not be good. Body health may be a little worse. Depending on mental instability, you have to make mistakes again and again. Confusion about domestic matters will be confused with the partner of life. As expected in the partnership work, success will not come. Relatives can go home.

Goat: Capricorn / Jatiya day can not be good. Colleagues cannot be satisfied with the workplace. Traders can be victims of any data outage. Depending on any employee, it would not be good for you. You can be sick all of a sudden. Because of immoral love, there is danger of bad name.

Aquarius: Shubhush Mishra is the day of Kuv rashi Jataka / Jataka. The child's body health cannot be good. There is less to gain success in reviewing reviews. There will be some obstacles to romantic issues. Artists are afraid of work-related obstacles. Author poets and writers can be deceived by the publisher.

The fish: Fish / Jatiya day can't be better. There may be a problem with your family. Relative discomfort will increase due to relatives. You may suffer from mechanical complications of the vehicles. The health of the mother's body cannot be good There may be some progress in land-related housing. There will be obstacles in the expected studies.

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8/27/2015 AM 9 Nov 2018

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