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Driver's seat in Bangladesh

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522 runs, 7 wicket disappeared. After the tea break on the second day, the strokes continued in the first strokes. After the stroke statement Bangladesh team played more than 160 times in two days. Their cricket team rode the team, 8 times more than 500 races. It was in the 5th position of the highest party collection. Mominul Haque Sourav's 150th ODI and the History of Two Century in Mushfiqur Rahim The Mirpur Test that runs personal and team records. But 8 strokes in the previous four tests? How much fade! Where there wasn't a century. Even half of the team is running in one. Where there were obstacles there were invisible chains. Yes, in the last two days in Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla there was a tie singer with a chain-breaking song against Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe failed to answer last afternoon. First Uketa over the age of 22. Ankit pacer Khaled Ahmed and Mostafizur Rahman captured the first wicket and gave the team's first heroes to Taizul Islam with Sylhet Test heroes. The Masakadza team is still behind 497. He shouldn't go on 298 runs, but he's got nine little doors.
In this way, do you have complete control over your opponent's bowling game? The highest number of Test studies in Bangladesh was 638 runs in 2013 at Galle Stadium in Sri Lanka. Mushfiqur Rahim scored the first double in the country and threw Muşfıkur Rahim in the second kick of the match against Sri Lanka. Next year, the second-highest score of the year was 595 runs in New Zealand against 8 wickets. Shakib Al Hasan scored a double century. 169 works of Mushfiq came from the bat. Previously, the second shot in 2012 against West Indies was 556 and the second was the first and the last fifty in the second hit. In the first rounds, in 2010, this match played 419 against England. In fact, 6 years later, in the area of ​​Dhaka, was witnessed by Mushfiq-Mominul and Mehdi Hassan Miraz. In 2015, Khulna had 555/6 in fourth place against Pakistan. If captain Mahmudullah came to the end (he reached over 18), he would probably keep the strokes on the highest runner list. 8. Due to the controversial partnership, the record was still standing in the field of Mushfiqur Rahim and Mehdi Hasan Miraj.
Bangladesh started the second day with 303 runs. In other words, the second day of the Dhaka Test was under the control of Bangladesh. Mushfiq, undefeated for the first time in 111, received great support from captain Mahmudullah. The 73 partnerships between them were indicative of something bigger. After the lunch break, however, the captain left for a personal run of 36. Jarvis is back to catch the wheel. Then Ariful Haq could not survive for a long time. 4 out of Jervis. However, Miraj came to wrinkle after the eighth floor of Muşfiqur Rahim. Muşfiqur Rahim, with the fourth bridge of Mushfiqur Rahim, scored the country's best partnership. After that, another record pair made eighth base with Mehdi Hasan Miraz. In 2010, Mushfiq became the best partner of 113 years with Naeem Islam in its eighth base against Chittagong in England. Finally, 144 unrivaled works came to the partnership. After winning the ball 102, Miraz won the second fifty in the test. In the end, Miraj ran 68 best in a career. On the other hand, Mushfiq's second-quarter career stood at 219 competitors. Play a 421 ball which is six with 18 fours.
Bangladesh declared only 11 strokes in 110 test games. In the meantime, the Tigers were able to announce the first strokes, including yesterday, only three times. In the first strokes of the year, he declared 595/8 against New Zealand in the first rounds. And yesterday against 522/7 against Zimbabwe and the first against the 350/5 West Indies in Chittagong in 2010. So far, the remaining eight strokes in Bangladesh are 8. 6 of them in the country field

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